2 Types Of Content Every Business Should Create (Podcast)

Content marketing for business

Hello, it’ s Tony here and in today’s podcast I’m going to be talking about a very important subject, and this is the 2 types of content that every business should create.

Now you’ll know if you listen to my podcasts or look at our videos, read our blog, we’re very passionate about encouraging business owners to create more content for their website. And the reason that it’s important is that there are two things that we’re looking for and that’s really the basis of what we’re going to talk about here, so these are the two types of content, two things that we want to achieve with that content.

Content For Authority & Content For Conversion

We want content for authority and we want content for conversion.

So briefly what do they mean?

Well when it comes to content for authority we’re talking about getting traffic to your website and getting you more social media action, that sort of thing.

When we’re talking about conversion this is the classic marketing funnel. Wide at the top, you’re getting lots of leads and lots of prospects in and you’re gradually taking them through a process where at the end of it you’re going to have a number of paying customers at the end. That’s the marketing funnel.

So we’re talking here about converting them. We’re talking about nurturing them through that marketing funnel. So you want to take each of those in turn.

Content For Authority

So we’re going to start off with content for authority and the reason that authority is important is back in the day, when Google first started, somebody said to the founders “How on earth are you going to make money out of a search engine?”

Which is a stupid question now I guess. We’re all sitting here thinking that how on earth can people not understand it, but that’s what the benefit of hindsight.

Google Loves Authority Content

But their answer was very important because they said, “Well, we’re not actually building a search engine, we’re building artificial intelligence”.

And what’s happened over the following years is that basically Google keeps refining and refining its systems and they call it an algorithm. And basically, it goes out and indexes all this information, all this data, and that helps it to create its search engine listings.

And when you go and search something, what Google wants to do is give you the best output, the best content, so you’re happy going back to Google.

Google wants people thinking “Oh, I always find what I want in Google. Google’s brilliant, you know. I just search and there it is.” And that’s how Google does it, by using what’s called an algorithm¬†

And what’s happening in recent years is that authority is the key. That’s what Google is looking for.

Google’s Algorithm Is Set Up To Identify Authority Content

And it identifies authority content because it’s the type of content that people refer to often. They spend a lot of time reading it and Google can identify when people are reading stuff and when they’re spending a lot of time there.

And essentially this is content that people start to link to, this is content that Google picks up people for referring to or maybe sharing on social media and that’s what I would encourage you to do.

So when we’re talking about authority, we’re talking about leadership, this is where we’re interested in really, you know, capturing leads, getting backlinks, getting more social media traction and just generally creating opportunities.

In the next couple of podcasts that we’re going to do, I’m going to look some exact types of content so you know exactly what you need to create. But initially I just want you to start thinking along these lines, so the first thing is we’ve got content for authority.

Content For Conversion

The next one up we’ve got is content for conversion. So, as I said, we’re talking about nurturing leads. We’re getting people into the wide neck of the funnel. We’re getting lots of leads in, this is where your authority content does that. It’s getting people to your blog, it’s getting people to your website & getting them interested.

Conversion Content Helps People To Make A Decision

And then what we want to do then is have content on your website that helps them to make up their mind, it helps them to reassure them that you’re a safe pair of hands.

It helps them basically, it helps their decision making, it helps them to make an informed decision. And that is what content for conversion is all about.

So that’s all I just want you to start thinking about, is thinking about being an authority and thinking about being an expert. Thinking about content that’s going to create, that’s going to improve your conversion rates.

And basically when people talk about conversion rate what they mean is, the number of people who come to your website divided by the number of people who end up making a purchase.

So just to give you a simplistic example, let’s say you had 1,000 people that come to your website and 100 of them were to purchase, you’d have a 10% conversion rate. You converted from 1,000 leads or contacts that have come into your website, 100 of them make a purchase. A thousand divided by 100 is 10 so you’ve got a conversion rate of 10% there, okay?

So that’s all I want you to think about today. Next couple of podcasts we’re going to talk in more depth and I’m going to give you the exact formula that you need to follow to create that content. All right, I hope you found that useful and I’ll speak to you soon, thanks very much then.

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