9 Ways To Get Popular On Social Media

get popular on social media

You are a tech-savvy person and a digital marketer. So, it is definitely important for you to remain on top of all the social media trends and changes. Like a living being social media is a constantly developing and ever-evolving field. Every few days there will be a one or the other new feature that is available. Latest updates, new platforms and a lot of new features, no wonder, you will feel overwhelmed by it and will not know how to keep up with it. You will look for different ways to get popular on social media.

We truly understand the pain and tremendous pressure that you are going through right now. Here are a few tips on different ways to get popular on social media.

Tips to get popular on Social Media

The list is here to be popular on Social Media. Check the following points for the same.

  • Subscribe to good social media blogs
  • Create a stream
  • Follow the experts
  • Join discussion group on social media
  • Participate in various events
  • Listen to Podcasts
  • Personal Branding
  • Selfie video for branding
  • Build a brand narrative story

Subscribe to good social media blogs

If you want to stay up to date with the latest trends and development on social media, then social media blogs are the best option. It is the blog owners responsibility to provide up to date information about changes in the world of social media and share it with the public. You can also get pro tips about how to implement these changes in your business and strategize it accordingly. In order to come to know about the updates in the blog, you can subscribe to the newsletter of that particular blog. This is the easiest option available.

Create a stream

Social media itself can give you more information regarding the updates and new developments in social media. You can use popular hashtags in your tweets or on other social media platforms and you will start getting more information on where these hashtags are used and what is the recent development that is being discussed using these hashtags.

Follow the experts

The best and the most important part of social media is that many social media experts having good outreach have their profiles on these platforms. You can follow these people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, ask them a lot of questions in the comment section and improve your knowledge. You will also get to know about the tweets they have posted, the blogs they have written and a lot more. In this way, you can expand your knowledge and keep yourself up to date about the latest trends.

Join discussion groups on Social media platforms

There are various groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, which you can join for free and take part in discussions related to the latest social media trends. You just need to type social media on Facebook and LinkedIn and go through various groups and choose the most relevant one. The most important factor to choose the right group is the number of members. Because, the lesser the number of people, the less will be the chances of relevant and important discussion.

Participate in various events

There are many business related conferences happening throughout the year and you should make a point to join at least one of them. Attending one or two of these conferences will help you understand the recent business trends and keep you up-to-date with relevant information. But, before deciding to attend any conference you should check the following points

  • Edition of the event
  • The lineup of speakers
  • Go through the topics

Edition of the event

All though edition of the event does not matter a lot. But, the person organizing the event may be a new person and you might end up getting more confused and feel that it was a waste of time. So, before spending on purchasing the ticket to any of these events, you should check it out.

The line-up of speakers

You are attending an event to gain knowledge from the experts. So, you should definitely check out the list of speakers and the area of expertise they are going to talk on. So, if you have any questions in that particular area, then you can go prepared.

The list of topics

You should definitely go through the list of topics. There are chances that you might already be a pro in these topics and may end up getting bored at the conference. So, you should definitely check the list of topics that are being covered.

Listen to podcasts

Most of the business mind people like to be on top of the latest marketing strategies and the latest developments in the field of social media. Because this helps them a lot in deciding their next strategy to expand their business. The easiest way to do this is by listening to the news on social media marketing podcasts. You can listen to these episodes anywhere and everywhere and keep yourself up to date.

Personal Branding

In order to achieve a good response to your business, personal branding on social media is a very good option. Personal branding adds a touch of humanity to your business and will naturally connect to the hearts of customers. If you are a known figure on social media, then doing personal branding is definitely going to help your brand. Personal branding can also be done through guest blogging by the owner of the business. Having a close view of the business owner helps your business a lot. 

Selfie video for branding

Today is the world of selfies. Selfie video can be a very important tool in creating brand awareness of your business on social media. People spend a lot of time watching their friends video on the internet. They also watch the videos shared by their friends. Hence people knowing you can relate very well to your videos and are definitely going to share on social media.

Build a brand narrative story

Everyone wants to know the story behind the development of a particular brand. The bigger the brand narrative story, the more people tend to believe in it. The story can be shared on social media first. So you can also build your business brand narrative story and share it on social media. It may work wonders for you and your brand.

So, these are a few tips on How to increase popularity on social media. If you know about any more tips, then do share it with us in the comment section.

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