Ways To Refresh Your Email Marketing Strategies In 2020

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Every business uses email to communicate with their clients. There are Skype, Slack, and other communication channels, but businesses still revolve around email. Email Marketing is a part of digital marketing. It helps to bring your product or service knowledge to your reader’s attention, and generate leads through emails.

Nowadays, social media marketing, quick tips videos, and funny memes are frequently spoken when it comes to market something using the internet. Among these, there is one older marketing technique that remained popular as a lead magnet in the last decade i.e. email marketing.

Who needs it?

Whether you are an E-Commerce Business that sells products online, or a custom service provider, who creates custom websites and Mobile/Web Applications. Email Marketing definitely can help. Email Marketing can increase efficiency, productivity and business readiness. Using email in business is cheap. Sending email costs the same regardless of distance and the number of people you send it to. An email should reach its recipient in minutes, or at the most within a few hours.

Email marketing strategies used in the past may not be much effective in the present anymore. Email service providers are now using modern spam filters. To stay ahead of the curve you need to make constant changes to your current marketing strategies. The problem was that the email for direct sales offers sent to an inbox is never going to land in the proper inbox if it is marked as spam. It will remain unopened forever. So you should refresh your email marketing strategies regularly to increase conversion rates. You can create more attractive and informative email campaigns that seem to be less promotional. As time changes, you need to understand what works and what does not work for you. According to these, you can update your marketing strategies.

I have rounded up some effective ways to refresh your email marketing strategies in 2020.

Easily connect with the audience

In the present, you need to design an email campaign that easily connects with the audience and their interest. Recipients receive hundreds of emails per day, so if you send them an email, the content of which is out of their interest, then you may have a lower open rate. For this, you can segment your contact list into more targeted groups based on gender, age, location, e.t.c. This will also help you to increase the open rate, greater email relevance and lower unsubscribe rate. Bringing this technique into practice will help you to send the right emails to the right set of people.

Scrubbing the list

It is very important to monthly or weekly scrub inactive emails from the list. And never stop adding new. Doing this will make your email list shrink and grow at the same time. It will help you to engage more new people with your business. And will save your efforts on already engaged, and inactive people. If you have a giant contact base of 100k or 200k contacts and you keep sending them emails regularly. If they are not opening it, your emails will go on the promotion side. Always scrub your list with the people who open it and your numbers will go up. There are providers like Convrtkit who do it automatically for you.

Collection of correct contacts

A very important part is to pick the email addresses carefully and to be sure about their correctness. Every email marketer constantly grows its list. The best way to grow your email list is through Implementing a subscriber box on your website. There are certain regulations of GDPR to adhere to. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a set of security rules that make data secure and prevents it from its misuse. Make sure to send the emails only to those who agreed to receive them. An uninterested recipient can mark you as spam, and it can affect the deliverability.

Trigger-based emailing

If someone is on your email list and receives a direct sales message, they add products to their cart but don’t complete the checkout. In this case, you can use your email content to make them aware of the checkout process. You can show what it’s like if they buy your product. How the service you sell can be useful to them. Your customer wants to buy but they need that push over the edge. This is one of the missing elements in the traditional email marketing practice.

Attractive subject line

Subject lines play a most important role in an email campaign. It is like a cover of a book or headline of an article. The subject line must be short and descriptive, which compels your reader to click and start reading. A boring subject line can make recipients easily delete or ignore your email. You can try subject lines that indicate urgency, ask a question, include deadlines, take out anything spammy, and make announcements. You can also craft customize the subject line according to the segmented contact list to increase the open rate.

Customize the email campaign

Inboxes are always a personal inbox for every individual, it is the best place to have a one to one with your customer. Through email marketing, you have a good chance to speak directly to a specific customer. Customizing your email content according to the customer is the best way to communicate with them. After the email list segmentation, a few questions about your recipients are to be answered. Like what attracts them? What are they looking for when browsing? What customer services do they want? what made them visit the website?. So it will be easy to customize your emails, follow-ups, and reminders. Body of an email must have fewer images and should be of small memory size because when the email is smaller in size it gets opened quickly.

Grab customer attention

Customers are multitasking nowadays, they scroll social media while watching videos and also check their emails in between. So it is a very difficult task to grab customer attention. For this, you need to adopt creative strategies to grab customer attention and hold them until you deliver your message. You can use short and attractive subject lines, infographic or appealing images, and straight forward emails. Study shows there are more conversion rates with simpler messages than messages with designs and images.

Mobile-friendly design

Most people use smartphones and tablets to check their email. So you need to ensure that your email promotions are mobile-friendly. To make your email template mobile-friendly, you must consider the length of the text and visual. Email templates must be responsive enough to provide the same quality of user experience on smartphones and tablets as it does on the desktop. If all the images and text do not adjust according to the screen size of the device, then it will be ignored or deleted.

Use call to action

After getting the attention of your targeted audience now you need to focus on your main goal. Your email should have a clear purpose that you can get by having an effective call to action button. Call to action could be anything according to your purpose like if you want your customer to visit your website or subscribe to your emails. If you want them to follow your social media pages, and purchase through your online store. So an effective call to action in your emails helps you to achieve your goals.

Limit your Email blast

According to some research, an average office worker receives 121 emails per day. That’s a lot. People are subscribing or signing up for your newsletter for updates. They are interested in your products and your brand and want to be connected with you. This doesn’t mean that you have permission to blast them with the emails. You don’t want to irritate your subscriber or your message to be marked as spam by doing bulk emailing. You need to limit your message, considering once a week. A quality amount of emails and straight forward messages is a sound email marketing practice.


Investing your marketing dollars is the decision you can not take lightly. Email Marketing is the cheapest way of reaching out to a huge number of people. Which, other marketing channels would take 200% extra time, money and energy. Every year there are changes in email marketing practices and you need to switch gears to stay ahead of the curve.

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