Web Designer Hosting Options (Quick Guide)

web designer hosting

In this post we will share the best web designer web hosting options.

If you are a web designer looking for a hosting solution so that you can resell hosting to your customers, I would definitely recommend a reseller hosting.

Listen to the following audio where we explain what a reseller hosting plan is and its benefits.

The main advantages are that it offers you an opportunity to create an extra revenue stream. In addition to the initial web design you will also get all of the extra changes, updates, etc., but your hosting services will give you a steady stream of monthly or annual recurring revenues.

With a reseller hosting plan you will get allocated a bulk amount of disk space & bandwidth on one of our servers for you to allocate amongst your customers and resell with no mention of Pickaweb. It is totally white label.

It is easy to use and whilst you need to offer first line support to your customers we will take care of the server and if you have any issues that you can’t solve then our team are on hand to help you around the clock.

It is easy and flexible

The following infographic explains the different types of hosting and which type would be more suitable based on requirements, tech knowledge and budget.

which web hosting should I choose You can think of it like becoming your own hosting company where you can create your own plans (eg: gold, silver, bronze) and charge your customers accordingly.

The real advantage to you is that each of your customers is given their own unique access.

This way they can manage their email accounts, reset passwords, etc. without the need to trouble you because they have instant access to their hosting control panel.

Another great thing that will be useful to you if you plan to offer web design hosting to your clients is that you can make use of a process called overselling.

This means that you can add as many customer you like & as long as they are not using up all of the resources (disk space and bandwidth) that is assigned to you then you will be fine. If you do find that you need additional space then you can upgrade to the next reseller hosting plan or even go for a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

But to get started in web designer hosting a reseller plan will be fine.

I hope you found this article useful on the best web hosting options for web designers.

Thanks for reading and leave your questions below to keep the conversation going.

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