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Web Designers Hosting Options

In this post we will share with you the best web designer hosting services.

If you are a web designer and you need to provide web hosting services to your web design customers there are several things you should take into account.

Offering your customers a hosting control panel will free up your time.

By having a control panel your customers will be be able to manage all aspects of their web hosting services, such as setup an email account etc themeselves.

The real advantage would be that your customers will be able to perform many of the basic tasks themselves so that you can focus on your business and create more websites rather than do web hosting support.

There are several hosting control panels that are super user friendly and easy to use. I would recommend cPanel or Plesk.

What type of web hosting service would be more suitable for a web designer?

I would recommend check Pickaweb’s reseller hosting platform.

Listen to the following audio to find out more about the benefits of a reseller hosting service.

With a reseller plan you get an admin control panel, where you can setup your own hosting plans and specify the features of each plan in terms of space, bandwith, databases etc.

You would then be able to give your customers their own web hosting control panel. This is really important as the last thing you want is to be setting up email addresses etc for them.

You want to make sure that they can do all of this themselves.  

The cheapest way to get your customers websites published would be to just get a shared hosting account with the option to host multiple number of domain names.

You would then be able to use the addon domain name option to create every new website and publish it.

The disadvantage there is that you would have to manage their hosting for them via your own single control panel. Not a good idea in the long run.

Check the following infographic about the different types of web hosting.

which web hosting should I choose

What type of web hosting should I go for? Linux or Windows?

I personaly prefer Linux and it does not mean that you have to create your website on Linux.

You would create your website on eg a PC or a MAC and then you would just publish your site using your ftp access details. What is really important is that the company that you choose is there when you need them.

Make sure they offer a 24×7 support service. Do they offer chat support? Phone support? Email support?

Does the hosting company offer options for growth?

If your requirements grow can you then upgrade to VPS hosting or a Dedicated Server?

You might not think that this is important in the early stages but the last thing you want is to  have to switch hosting companies at a later stage and cause massive interruption to your customers.

A VPS (virtual private server) is the next logical step up from a reseller hosting plan.

Basically you get a chunk of a server with specified resources allocated just to you.

Nobody else will be entitled to that. For example RAM will be assigned to you so there is no danger of other users interferring with your service.

If you outgrow a VPS plan then a Dedicated Server would be the next step & here you would have the full resources of  your own server dedicated to your business and your customers.

We hope you have found this post useful on the best reseller hosting options for web designers.

Thanks for reading and leave your questions below to keep the conversation going.


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