What Are The Best Tools Or Strategies For Link Building? Expert Roundup

Best strategies for link building
Are you looking to do link building in order to get more traffic and leads to your website?
If so, our experts today share with us their best link building strategies.
Learn from the pros on how to do link building the right way.
Roy Povarchik

1 – Steal from your competitors

A good tip would be to use a tool like AHREFS or SEMrush to see where your competitors get their links from.

You will usually uncover 3 types of backlinks:

      • PR
      • Guest blogging
      • Mentions.

What you’d want to do next is go the sites who accepted the guest blog post from your competitors and offer your own content.

Second, you want to send an email to any writer who mentioned your competitor saying something in the lines of “I saw you wrote about them/you’re interested in, I just wanted to jump in and say Hi”. Next time they’ll write an article, they’re likely to mention you.

2 – Ultimate resource

Create an in-depth resource that you think your target audience needs.

A quick tip on how to choose a topic would be to find Quora questions that have a lot of feedback. Go to a professional forum or community and see what topic is recurring, or go to Buzzsumo and search for a relevant keyword, to see what article has been trending for over 6 months, and turn that topic in an Ebook.

After creating the resources, go to Google, search “inurl:keyword + resources” to find resources pages relating to your topic – send that website an email asking to be included in that resource page.

3 – Guestographics

Create an infographic (make sure it’s relevant and high quality.
Than start pitching this article to relevant blogs offering them to use your infographic but with a link back. You can even offer them a unique intro, and then you can create a mini guest post.


I’ve spent the last seven years running an agency with 100% of our clients from inbound SEO content I build on our website.

I have to be honest: “building links” has never been a content goal of mine — ever. Yet it is a side effect of the content we produce.

It’s all about your quality of content if you want to earn those organic links.

Google thinks like a human – their 200-page manual, the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, which I dissected not too long ago, shows this.

The better you answer your searcher’s question, and the more comprehensive the information you present, the better the results in organic ranking.

So, when you’re creating something with a goal of backlinks and SEO rankings (top 3 organic spots in Google), think quality. Invest the time, the resources, the trouble.

Care about your reader. Think organically. It will pay off the highest in the long run!


Michael David Spadaccini

For link building, I use initially for competitor link research Majestic SEO Backlink Checker.

My logic is that if a competitor company is ranking really well, they’ll likely have some great links. And sure enough, it’s extremely rare that I run such a report on Majestic and NOT see some good links.

Also, Majestic scores each link with it’s “Trust Flow” score, which I find to be a fairly accurate grade of the quality of a given link. Naturally, I sort through the links I see there.

For example, some links might be a random press mention that would be hard to duplicate without tremendous effort.

What I am looking for is high-quality links that are relatively easy to get quickly.

The other thing to remember is that if you find a great link–write it down!

Our agency is over 10 years old, and we have kept a record of every link we’ve ever made, so when we start a new project, we can go to our archives and review the links we’ve gotten in the past.


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