What Is Link Bait & How It Can Attract Tons Of Backlinks To Your Website

How link bait can help attract tons of backlinks

Don’t get thrown off by the words link bait. As a matter of fact, this is the type of content that makes you a billionaire overnight. Okay, that was me exaggerating (a bit too much).

But, what it does is, get people to link to your content without you asking them for it. Sounds unbelievable? It did to me too.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this tutorial:

  • The type of content that will be a “link magnet”, and
  • How you can find such content

Long story short, not just any content can get backlinks even if it is “very good”. Only certain types of content get backlinks.

The Types Of Content That Get You Backlinks

Create content for a good topic and you’ll get backlinks.


Well, it’s not exactly that simple – there are certain steps to follow to create a link bait content.

Out of all the popular topics you could write about, there are only four types that will earn you backlinks passively:

  • Controversial news or entertainment – Such as celebrity news
  • How-to guides and tutorials – Backlinko has remarkable content of this type
  • Researches and case studies – Get sciencey and geeky and create some killer research
  • Free stuff & tools – Most people prefer linking to free tools, so create Free stuff.

Now don’t get me wrong. Even if your content is one of the listed types, it still has to be very good.

For example, “doggo wins local city marathon” and “President Trump makes a deal with North Korea” are both news. But obviously, the latter will attract more people and hence get more backlinks.

But knowing for sure which content will bring you backlinks is hard or nearly impossible.

At least it was.

There is something you can do to get all the link bait topic ideas you might need and your answer is – competitors.

I mean, if they have already paved the way why not just walk on it, right?

Finding Link Magnet Content

You probably know the proverb – A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise one learns from the mistakes of others.”

That’s exactly what you need to do and there are actually tools to help you.

For this tutorial, I will use Linkody to show how/where to look for such content.

In short,

  • Find a competitor in your industry
  • Add to Linkody
  • View the competitor’s page statistics
  • Find popular and successful topics

By doing this you will get a good understanding of what you should do (from the first page) and what you shouldn’t (from the last page).

Since your competitors are also in the same industry, getting inspiration from them can only increase your content success.

  1. Pull up the Competitors tab
  2. Select one of your top competitors

Now navigate to “View Top Pages”

Here lies the answer to your backlink prayers:

You can easily notice that the top pages are mostly of the four categories described above. These types of content have the most backlinks.

You know what your competitor is doing and how. So go on and do what you need to; create better content than what’s available.

Making all your content link-bait-ey is time consuming and redundant. Instead ,make sure that a fraction of your content is amongst the four categories.


Getting first backlinks

When you create linkbait content, you still have to make sure it ranks on Google high enough for people to find it and link to it. Between you and me, you can also use this feature to find amazing link opportunities.

To make your content more link-bait-ey, you can give it a boost by adding a few backlinks manually.

When you find a topic that piques your interest, you can open up a backlink by clicking on the Links number.

There you will see all the backlinks that page has from external sources.

Now that you got your awesome post and know where your competitor gets their links, you can assuredly ask them link to you too.

Summing Up

There it is! The simple guide to finding and creating your link bait content to drastically increase your backlinks passively.

Remember the four types of link bait content:

  • Controversial news or entertainment
  • How-to guides and tutorials
  • Researches and case studies
  • Free stuff & tools

The best thing about this is that once you’ve created a link-bait-ey content, you can sit and watch the magic happen. Or.. you can also sleep and wake up to see the magic happen.

Follow the guide and you’ll your own link-bait-ey content soon. May the odds be with ya! 😉

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