What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting?

In this post I will explain what web hosting is.

A web hosting plan gives you web space, which you need in order to publish your website to the internet.

You also get other features such as email accounts & 1 click install blog, online shop software, website builder and much more…

What is Web Hosting?

Watch this quick video which will teach you all the basics of web hosting. 

 What are the different types of hosting & which one do I need?

The following infographic shows you the different types of web hosting based on budget, knowledge and requirements.

which web hosting should I choose

Shared Hosting

Most people when they are starting out need shared hosting.

Shared is a great starting point, because it is much more affordable & all security aspects of the server are taken care of. 

You would get an allocated amount of space on that server where you can publish your website, setup email accounts etc

You would also get a control panel so that you can manage all aspects of your hosting.

VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a server that has been configured to host a small number clients with guaranteed resource usage shared amongst the clients.

This means that if you choose a particular amount of RAM for your VPS then you are guaranteed that this will be assigned to you.

This is for more advanced users. You would also get a more advanced control panel to manage the service.

This service is recommended for developers and bigger companies. 

If you are looking for even faster VPS, see Pickaweb’s SSD VPS servers.

Reseller Hosting

This service is recommended to those users that wish to resell hosting to their own customers. See how you can resell.

The great advantage of this service is that you can create your own hosting plans, offer your customers their own control panel and features such as website builder, online shop software and so on.

This type of service is recommended for web designers that would like to offer their customers their own plans. 

Dedicated Servers

You would need a dedicated server when you have outgrown options such as shared or VPS.

You have to bear in mind that you can get a managed dedicated server which is slighly more expensive where all security updates and upgrades would be taken care for you.

It is important to remember this when going for a dedicated server in case you are not very technical so that security is taken care of to avoid any future issues.

What are the different types of Operating Systems for Web Hosting?

The main operating systems are Linux & Windows.

My own preference is Linux 🙂 because there are so many applications available that it makes is super interesting.

One thing to bear in mind too is that just because you have a Linux hosting it does not mean that you have to have a Linux computer.

You can have a PC or MAC and still upload your files to a Linux service.

When you sign up you will be given what is called (FTP details). These are the access details required to upload your website files to your web space.

You can upload your website via an FTP programme such as Filezilla, design programme such as Dreamweaver or you can use an online website builder tool

I hope you found this article useful on what is web hosting.

Thanks for reading and leave your questions below to keep the conversation going.

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