What Sort of Videos Should I Create for My Business? (Podcast)

What type of videos should i create for business?

Hey, Tony here. Welcome to today’s “Pickaweb Business School,” podcast. And I’m going to be looking at video, today. I’m going to be answering the question, “What sort of videos should I create for my business?”

Video is a Mega Trend

Now, before we get stuck in, I want you to consider a couple of things.

The first thing is, it’s estimated that by 2021, over 80% of all internet traffic is going to be video.

Now, I know that there’s going to be a lot of Netflix and entertainment-based video in there. But the point here is that video is a megatrend and you need to be a part of it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, big business, e-commerce, local business, whatever. Video can play a part in the marketing mix.

Video can increase Traffic

And video is great for all sorts of things.

It’s great for getting traffic. If you’ve considered for example that YouTube is the second most visited website on the net after Google and Google owns YouTube.

So that’s more traffic than Facebook, so it’s definitely worth being there.

Video Can Improve Conversions

And video is also very powerful for converting browsers into buyers.

And by that I mean people on your website they’re looking around. They might be thinking of using your services, they might be thinking of buying something from you if you sell online. Videos can help them make that decision.

So that’s two really good reasons to start using video.

Now I know a lot of you listening are thinking “Oh, no, here we go. More money. I’m going to need a camera, lighting, film crew, hire a studio, get some sound equipment, editing, maybe catering and then you’ve got video SEO and all of that malarkey.”

But it really it honestly doesn’t need to be that way at all.

And that’s what today’s podcast is all about. I’m going to reassure you.

There are imaginative ways that you can introduce video into the mix with your business. And this will be done in a way that isn’t going to cost a ton of money or eat into your valuable time.

Number 1 – Product Videos

So, let’s jump straight in.

First off, Product videos.

And this is definitely a good starting point. If you’re selling products, then you need to show it.

And by all means go and get some lighting if you feel that you need that sort of thing, but it’s not 100% necessary. Or maybe you could just use some kind of lamp or something that you could use, that will do the job.

But think about things like unboxing videos.

And I’m absolutely serious about unboxing. You will be amazed.

They get tons and tons of traffic.

So, if you’ve got product, this is a brilliant place to start. And you don’t necessarily need to call them “Unboxing,” you could call them ‘Buyers Guides’, or product-focused videos.

But the point here is that you’re putting the products where they need to be, which is front and centre.

Number 2 – Comparison Videos

Next up we’ve got Comparison videos, and this is another great option.

This could be product X versus product Y. It could be the latest iPhone versus the latest Samsung.

You could compare two competing products, or maybe you could even compare different models within a range. So, you could be comparing the entry-level model with a more expensive version from the same manufacturer.

In this way, it gives you endless possibilities. There’s always new versions being released. So that’s always a really good option for you.

And this is really useful content. This is great for busy buyers.

People just haven’t got the time to go and research all of the options these days. People need reassuring that they’re making the right decision.

And this is where video really comes into its own. It’s a really powerful tool for achieving this.

And another really important point is it keeps your website sticky. What I mean is that people are going to keep coming back to it to watch the videos, and that’s what you want.

You want people hanging around your website, looking at different videos and staying there lots of time. And these days, a decent smartphone, that can do a great job.

And I can hear all the camera boffins and all the videographers out there saying, “Oh, you’re going to need this or that type of digital camera, or SLR, or whatever it is,” but all I’m interested is getting results. And I just want to get people started.

So usually, a mobile is sufficient just to get off the ground. By all means, you can invest in better kit later, but as I say, I just want to get you up and running and getting started.

All right, okay. Rant over. 🙂

Number 3 – How To Videos

On to the next one. So, number three, How-To videos.

I love How-To videos. And basically, the story here is that you use your videos to become a problem solver.

Now if you’re out and about fixing stuff or installing stuff all day long, this is a perfect opportunity to just create little videos. Just explain a particular problem and just show how to fix it.

Now if that isn’t the case, maybe you offer services, then you could explain how to do something.

Maybe you’re a kitchen fitter, so you could explain how to plan a kitchen perfectly, the perfect layout or how to install a kitchen…just little hints and tips about how to get the best result.

Nothing major. Just useful show little videos that just cover one little hint or tip at a time.

Don’t create a massive three-hour video “How to install your kitchen.” It could just be how to layout a particular element of the kitchen to make sure that you’re not going to spend lots of time walking around when the kitchen’s made.

So just think little hints and tips. That’s all you want to do.

Number 4 – Seasonal Videos

Then there’s Seasonal videos, number four.

So for example, this could be keeping up with fashions. If you’re in that particular industry or maybe, let’s say, you’re a plumber, you could give advice to avoid freezing pipes in winter.

If you’re a restaurant this could be seasonal dishes.

And really you’re just constrained by your own imagination.

So seasonal videos are another really good option for you.

Number 5 – Whiteboard Videos

Number five Whiteboard videos.

Now, these are perfect if maybe you’re the kind of person who’s good at presentations, if you feel comfortable doing that.

And I know that there are some people who love nothing better than being in front of the whiteboard and getting their coloured pens out and writing loads of stuff on the whiteboard.

And there are businesses for example, like Moz which is a very famous, very well known SEO business and they’ve got a great community.

They’ve built a huge community and a lot of respect around their business purely on whiteboard videos. That’s the absolute, central thing they do. They call it Whiteboard Friday.

So this is not uncharted territory. I can absolutely, categorically, assure you this definitely works. So if that’s for you, if you’re happy on camera in front of the whiteboard then that’s a great option.

Number 6 – Screen Capture Videos

If you’re not then at number six, we’ve got Screen Capture.

I know some people would just rather die than appear on video. So, if that includes you, you can use a screen capture tool.

There’s loads of them out there. And what you do is you just record a presentation that you can talk over on your PC, or your Mac, or whatever it is that you use.

And there’s all sorts of tools like Jing, or Debut Professional Screen Capture. And what they do is they just record your screen whilst you talk.

So, how easy is that? All right!!

Number 7 – Staff Videos

Number seven, what about Team or Staff videos?

And I’ve seen some businesses that really get their team involved, get them on board.

Now I know that can be a bit of a big ask but you just never know. Some businesses are more lively than others and they’ve got staff who just love to be on video.

You just kind of need to throw it over to them and see what they think about it. And if you did that, I’m sure they will come up with come up with loads of ideas for you.

So it could be things like talking FAQs or whatever. And in fact that’s actually my next category, FAQs – Frequently Asked Question videos.

Number 8 – Video FAQs

If you listen to my content you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of frequently asked questions.

So if you put them into video format this is a really good idea. And again it keeps your website sticky. It keeps people there.

It positions you as an authority and that is increasingly important on a number of different levels these days. Being an authority. Being an expert.

And FAQs will help you to achieve that.

Number 9 – User Generated Videos

Then number nine finally, we’ve got User-Generated Content video or UGC as it’s known in the jargon.

So this really as well as maybe your team can you get your customers involved? That’s what we mean.

User-Generated Content video this is the kind of the Holy Grail.

And this is things like video testimonials or video case studies. And you’ll be surprised how willing your customers are to help you. Especially if they’re long-standing customers – you know who they are.

Try your best customers. They’ve typically been with you for years. You’re on first name terms with them and usually you’re just pushing at an open door.

And there’s even tools like Bravo. They make it really, really easy to get video testimonials. There’s all sorts of ways you can reward and encourage testimonials.

Wrap Up

So there you go. There are nine types of video for your business.

I hope you found that useful. If you want more detailed information, then just head over to our blog. You’re going to find a ton of great advice, as well as being able to download a free copy of my book “The Website Survival Kit.” Okay, thanks very much for listening, and I’ll speak to you soon.

All the best, then. Bye-bye.


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    Very true, video is booming these days and is probably the best way to target audience. got to know some new ideas for videos which can be really engaging. great source thank you for such informative post.

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