What To Blog About If You Run A Small Business (Podcast)

Tips on what you can blog about

What To Blog About

Hi, it’s Tony here. I’m really excited about today’s Podcast. We’re going to be looking at what to blog about if you run a small business. Now, if you look at our blog, if you listen to our content, and watch my videos, that type of thing, you’re going to know that I’m really passionate about blogging for businesses. I think it’s a very important part of your online strategy. And I’ll tell you why. It’s because it’s, kind of, central to everything. It’s like…think about it as being, like, the home of your points of view. And blogging pulls together so many different areas and it gives so many advantages for your business.

Benefits of Blogging for Your Small Business

It’s great for social media, it’s great for Google, it’s great for your audience. So, it’s a lot of really good things. But some…there’s a real business benefit to it, too. And that is because basically, you’re drawing people into your business. I want you to start thinking about your website in these terms, okay? Stop thinking about it purely as being a way to sell,  all right? I want you to think about your entire website and your blog as being like an art gallery or a museum or some kind of attraction that’s got a shop attached to it. Okay?

Most businesses will think I need to get people to come into my main website, to my…let’s call them, “the money pages.” All right? And what I’m saying to you is, No, try to…what you need to do is spread your nets a bit wider. And that’s what your blog allows you to do. So you’re going to enable people, you’re going to invite people in through your blog to look at some really good content you’ve created. Once they’ve found out more about you, they can then go to your money pages. That’s…if you like, that’s the analogy that I want to make with the museum or art gallery, and the shops.

So they come into the museum which is your blog. And then they leave through the shop which is basically the main pages of your website, okay? So, I hope you could understand that analogy. But I think it’s a really good way of thinking about it, all right? So, what are you going to put in your blog? Well, the first thing to bear in mind is that there’s no selling there, all right? This is not the area to sell. Leave that to your money pages, leave that to the main pages of your website. They do a great job with that. That’s what they’re set up to do, all right?

Easy Ways to Create Highly Valuable Blog Content

What you need to do with your blog is to become your customers’ and your potential customers’ problem solver in chief, all right? So, you’re going to answer questions. You got frequently asked questions. Think about all those questions that you have when people phone you up.  Make a big long list of them. Then you gotta start to address those issues. And you can do them, you can answer the same question in a number of different ways.

So, for example, you can create things like, “how to” guides. If you create “how to” guides, you could do a written one. You could do…you could make a video, for example, of it as well. Let’s say, you’re a business owner. You’re maybe a plumber or something, like, you’re out and about. You can put your phone out and maybe video something, do before and after and show them the tools that you’re using, show them how to fix it. That type of thing. Okay?

Different Types of Blog Posts to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

So, don’t just think of it as being purely text content on your blog. And also, in terms of the tone of voice, what you need to be thinking about is you wanna be speaking to your customers, all right? And potential customers. You’re not speaking to your peers. And this is a mistake that I often see. Sometimes, people will think that they’re, kind of, standing up in front of an audience of their peers or some sort of conference. And they’ll talk about the technicalities of this or that or whatever it may be. That’s not the case.

What you gotta think about is you’re up in front of an audience of your customers and your potential customers. And you’re talking about things that of interest to them, all right? So don’t start blinding people with science, you know, put all the big long words back in…you know, back in the…back in your bag. Don’t start trying to blind people with science. Keep things simple, all right?

And then, you know, let’s think about an example. Maybe you’re…let’s take an example. For example, like a taxi company. You’re going to say, “Well, you know, what on earth am I going to write about Tony now? People aren’t interested to learn about taxi or how we…you know, what could possibly be of interest there?” With a taxi firm, think about your local area, all the places of interest that you take people to. There must be absolutely loads of them.

You could talk about all the different restaurants, all the different attractions, all the different historical places that people will go to. So basically, you’re, kind of, promoting if you like your area. You could talk about season events, what’s happening, is there any sort of events coming up? Are there any fairs? Or, you know, getting contact with local communities and find out what they’re running. So there’s all sorts of interesting things that you could be creating for your blog.

And once you’ve got all that content, hey, what happens then? All of a sudden, that fits in neatly with your social media strategy. You got lots of interesting content to write about. Interesting stuff that your local audience will want to find out about. And you’re going to gradually pull them in to your business, all right? So that’s what I will definitely recommend if you’re a small business. You know, no selling. Become a problem solver. Think about frequently asked questions, “how to” guides, educate your customers. Don’t talk to your peers, you know, you’re not preaching to the choir here. And keep it simple, focus on local events as well, all right?

I hope you found that useful. And I’ll see you again soon. Thank you very much for listening. All the best.

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