Part 1 – Why Most Businesses Fail Online


Hi, this is Tony Messer. First of all I am going to give you a strategic overview in this presentation. We will then run through the main points that you need to understand to quickly transform your website. I will present you with some step by step pdf workbooks to help you make really fast progress so you can see exactly how to implement all of this stuff. These include full checklists too & these are really easy to follow so no need to make notes.

Some Facts About Business Websites

Before we get stuck in, I want to share some amazing statistics with you. It is estimated that 45% of all UK SMEs do not have a website. That should give you plenty of encouragement to know that almost half of your competitors do not have a website. This is for a variety of reasons, which we will come on to in a moment. But also consider that less than 6% of these SMEs have a mobile presence or mobile friendly website which is doubly shocking when you consider that this is where the massive growth in internet usage is occurring.

Why People Fail Online

So, we have established that many SMEs are not getting the most out of the internet. But why is this. Well, there are many factors in play. Incredibly, the most popular reason cited by the ones that do not have websites is that they just do not believe that they need them. The internet – no, doesn’t apply to us, thank you. The other reasons are the normal reasons you would expect – cost, lack of time, too complex, I’m just about to go out of business, etc..

Things Used to be So Simple

My personal suspicion is that many people just find it difficult to adapt to such rapid change. If we go back just a few years, then the main tools of the trade were the ones we can see here. Pretty basic stuff really. Advertising or marketing was limited to word of mouth referrals, a Yellow Pages ad & maybe some local newspaper advertising for the really adventurous.

But the World Moves On

But nothing stays the same forever & today we are just bombarded with constant changes. People had just embraced word processing & then we have google all of a sudden along comes Facebook & all the new social media stuff & who knows where the next big bend in the road will be.

Internet & Social Media Confusion

The result? For most small business owners it is just complete & utter confusion. And like most things we don’t understand, we either try to block them out or we start to oppose them. And to a large extent I think that is the reason for the statistics we looked at earlier. But the simple fact is that these new phenomena can not be ignored. It is no exaggeration to say that the businesses that “get” these new technologies & ways of doing business are going to flourish at the expense of less savvy businesses, regardless of the industry that you are in.

How We Can Help You

The good news though, is that help is at hand. We wrote our book “The Lazy Website Syndrome” with the busy small business owner in mind. Someone who does a great job, who runs a great business, but who doesn’t maybe have the time, skill or inclination to implement a powerful online presence for their business. We have created this based on our experience of hosting thousands & thousands of websites for our customers & because we know what works & what doesn’t. And really, it can all be condensed down into a simple 3 step strategy.

Your Internet Strategy

Prospect Convert & Grow We’ll look at these in a moment, but first, I’d like to introduce you to the star of our book…

Do You Recognise This Man?

Let me introduce you to Dave. He is our imaginary Sales Manager. We all know someone like Dave. He rocks into the office at 10 am after everyone else. He enjoys a leisurely coffee before checking his social media profiles & texting a few of his friends. Before long, it is lunch time & Dave has an important appointment to keep. Let’s head over there with him…

Dave’s Office

Dave conducts quite a lot of his business in the local pub & after a refreshing 2 hour lunch, Dave is back in the office, checking up on a couple of emails & returning a couple of phone calls before leaving the office at around 4pm on the pretext of another “key” meeting with a new customer he is working on. The truth is that if you had someone on your sales team like Dave you would do something about him. But the reality for most small businesses is that this is what their website is doing. It is asleep on the job. It is a rarely visited, glorified online business card gathering dust in some forgotten corner of the internet. But there is another way as we shall now see.

The Lazy Website Fix

As we saw previously, your website exists to fulfil the following 3 tasks & nothing else: Prospect, Convert & Grow. Let’s look at each one in more detail. First up: Prospect. All we mean here is that you should be using your website to attract people to your business. Simple concept, but I see the same old mistakes, time after time after time. Just basic stuff really that would take a couple of hours to fix. Things like the correct choice & use of keywords. Also, the use of blogs as a way to claim authority as well as to satisfy Google & which is the best way to drive people from social media to your website. We’ll cover all of this as we go though, but I just want to give you the headlines. Next: Convert. OK, so you are getting a steady stream of traffic, but what do you do with it? The important point here is that you don’t want to miss the opportunity of getting people visiting your website but leaving immediately without making contact. So when we talk about conversions we mean either converting them into paying customers or converting them into subscribers. This is a really important point because visitors rarely come to a website & decide there & then to use someone’s services. In fact it is estimated that it takes 7 or 8 visits before someone makes up their mind to use you. This is where you can employ a whole range of techniques to encourage your visitors to share their details with you & you then have the ability to follow up with them & make sure that you are the clear choice over the competition. In fact, this is one of the quickest ways to improve your online presence because it is much, much easier & quicker to double conversions than it is to double visitors. And by the way, these techniques work perfectly for any business whether you are 100% online (in which case they are vital) or if you are a predominantly offline business. Finally Grow. This is where many small businesses are missing a huge opportunity & that is in growing the relationship with their customers beyond that initial purchase. By following up in a planned & consistent manner it is possible for any business to dramatically improve their profitability.

What Will I Achieve?

So, let me show you what you can expect as a result of implementing these simple, straightforward strategies. First up, you will become the reference site in your industry. You will be viewed as a business that educates & informs both potential & actual customers. Not only this, but you will also be able to claim authority status, should you wish to. But certainly, as a minimum your business will be viewed as a market leader. You will also find that you are attracting these new customers from a wider range of sources than you currently have. These factors will mean that you will not only attract more business (which you will), but also you will find that you are attracting a better profile of customer since you have educated them prior to the purchase & you will find that you are pushing at an open door. As mentioned previously, what you are about to learn will also allow you to increase sales from your existing customer base by learning to follow up with them consistently & correctly. Likewise, this has knock on effects in terms of referrals & no longer will you be at the mercy of “accidental referrals”. Instead you will have a formal referral process in place which you can measure & continually try to improve. If all of this sounds exhausting then I would like to reassure you that it is not. Recent developments in online marketing techniques mean that much of this can be automated, or where that is not possible we will show you how to either delegate or outsource this altogether. The net result is clear though. You will find that you need less effort to win new business & ultimately you will have a better business.

Next Up…

OK, so next up we are going to look at some quick & easy wins for you.

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