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Free Email Forwarding

Want to set up an email account & forward any emails to an existing email address like Yahoo, or from your ISP? No problem. Just use the free email forwarding service & you can set that up in no time.

Free Web Forwarding

Already got a website? No problem, you can use our free web forwarding to redirect visitors to that site. It’s easy to set up & it’s free with all of our domains.

Domain Parking

If you have a hosting service with us & you have a website set up then you might want to point other domain names to that website. For example, if you had the .com domain name for your business & were using this as your main website but you had also purchased the domain too, then you could set the as a parked domain name in your hosting control panel. That way, if someone mistakenly types in the domain they will still be taken to your .com website.

Set Up Multiple Websites

An Addon domain is perfect if you have different domain names & you want to set up websites & email addresses for each of them, but without paying for loads of different hosting plans. As long as you have a hosting with us that has Addon domains enabled then you can easily add your domains & create individual websites & emails for each domain name. It’s a great feature that will save you a load of money on hosting fees!

Full Control Over Your Domain

It is important that you have full control over your domain name so that you can update contact details or the domain’s name servers. With Pickaweb you can login at anytime & manage all aspects of your domain name – you own your domain & we want to make sure you are always in control.