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Updating Your Nameservers

Nameservers are how you point your domain name to your hosting service. It allows you to tell the internet where your website is hosted. Each hosting server has an address called an IP address which the internet uses to determine where your website is hosted. Humans are not very good at remembering numbers though so we use nameservers to make this easy. An example of nameservers for Pickaweb are:

To help you understand how to make nameserver changes we have prepared some step by step instructions for you.

Manage & Create New Nameservers

You can even create your own nameservers based on your domain name if you like. In order to do this you will need at least one, and ideally 2 IP addresses.

If you have a web hosting service with us you can order a Dedicated IP address from us.

The advantage of having your own “custom” nameservers is that if you are say a reseller or if you have your own VPS or Dedicated Server then you can use your own nameservers to identify yourself as the host rather than using Pickaweb’s nameservers.

Once you have your nameservers, just login to your Pickaweb Client Area, select the domain from your list & then click on “Management Tools” & select the option to “Register Nameservers”.

Updating Your Contact Details

It is important that you keep your domain’s ownership details up to date. If you change your email address or your physical address you can update these here.

In particular you should ensure that the domain’s email contacts are kept up to date so that you receive the renewal reminders or you can respond to the registry should they contact you for any reason.

Setting Up Whois Privacy

Want to keep your personal details private? You can set up or order our Whois Privacy service via your Pickaweb Client Area.

There are different rules relating to WHOIS Privacy, depending on the domain name that you have registered.

For UK domain names such as or this is free if your domain name is registered on an individual basis, rather than for a company or organization.

With Top Level Domains like .com, .net, .org, etc. there is a fee for the WHOIS Privacy service which needs to be paid each year.

For full details please refer to WHOIS Privacy.

Renewing Your Domain Name

You can renew your domain name at any time through your Pickaweb Client Area. For full instructions refer to domain renewals.

Unlocking Your (.com, .net, .org) Domain Name

With Top Level Domains like .com, .net, .org, etc. if you want to make a change to your domain name such as updating contact details then you need to unlock your domain name. The domain lock is a security feature & you have full control of this with Pickaweb.

Accessing your Domain’s EPP code

With Top Level Domains like .com, .net, .org, etc., in the event that you sell your domain name or need to transfer it to another provider then you will need to access your EPP code. This is available for you via your Pickaweb Client Area.

Once logged in, just select "Domains" & "My domains" Then select "Manage Domain" for the domain that you wish to obtain the Eppcode for.

Next select “Management Tools” & select "Epp code" from the drop down menu & you will then see the EPP code.

We would hate to see you go though! Please bear in mind that with Pickaweb you are always 100% in control & there are no hidden charges. With some domain registrars you will have to pay for some of the features that we provide for free & you may find it difficult to transfer away from them.

For example they might not provide the EPP code or they might not allow you to have control of the domain locking or in some cases they will use their email address as the domain’s contact address.

Please check all of these points before transferring away from Pickaweb.

Set Up Web Hosting for your domain name

Got a domain name & now you want to start using it? Great, setting up website hosting is easy via the Pickaweb Client Area.

Once logged in, select the “Services” option at the top & then select “Order New Services” from the drop down menu.