What are .net domain names?

Like the .com extension, .net domains were one of the original Top Level Domains (TLDs). Originally intended to denote a company or organization involved in network or related technologies such as Internet Companies. However, over time & due to the lack of availability of the .com equivalent, .net has become adopted by many different types of companies.

Can anyone register a .net domain name?

You should always check that you are not registering a .net domain that includes someone else’s trademark or copyright. To prevent any issues arising from your choice of domain you should always consult a legal expert if you have any doubts.

How much does a .net domain cost?

We have a full list of domain name pricing here.

How long can a .net domain be registered for?

A .net domain can be registered for between 1 to 10 years.

Will I get a Certificate to confirm my ownership for my .net domain name?

No certificates are issued. Everything is done online so there is no paperwork.

Can a .net domain name be registered for more than 10 years?

For now .net domains have a maximum registration period of 10 years into the future. Once your domain name is registered for 10 years into the future from the present date then you need to wait until you reach the date where you can add an extra year on.

What happens if my .net domain name has expired & I have not renewed it?

If you neglect to renew your .net domain name for whatever reason & it goes past the expiry date then you can still renew it but you need to take action quickly to prevent extra cost & downtime. Initially you have 40 days following the expiry date to renew it at the standard .net renewal price without having to pay any additional fees. However, once you have gone past the 40 day period the domain is deleted & enters a 30 Day period called the “Redemption Period” which is defined by the .registry. During this time you can renew your domain name, but you will have to pay an additional fee on top of the renewal fee. Please let us know If your domain name is in the Redemption period & we can confirm the costs & the exact steps required to renew the domain. If you decide not to renew your domain or pay the Redemption fee then the domain name will be made available for re-registration as a new domain name & there is no guarantee that you will be able to register it at this point if someone else registers it before you. The Registry decide when the domain is made available for re-registration but this is around 70 to 75 days after the original expiry date.

Can my .net domain be set to auto-renew itself?

We give our customers the choice between auto renewing or manual renewal of domain names. If you would like to set your domain so that it auto-renews you first need to login to the Pickaweb Domain Management Area. If the payment details that we have for you are up to date then the domain will automatically renew on its expiry date.

Who administers .net domain names?

.net Domain Names are administered by Verisign.

How do I transfer my .net domain names to Pickaweb?

If you transfer a .net domain the cost is equivalent to 1 year’s registration fees. When the transfer completes 1 year is added to the domain's expiry date. Find out more about domain names. You will need to get the AUTH Code (also referred to as an EPP code) which you can access from your current registrar. You will also have to check that your domain is unlocked & that you have access to the admin email contact of the domain. Click here for step by step instructions on transferring a .net domain name.

What happens if I have a dispute over the ownership of a .net domain name?

In instances where there is a dispute over the ownership of a .net domain name please refer to the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

Can I hide my personal contact details from the WHOIS?

If you want to hide your details from the WHOIS lookup you can use our WHOIS Privacy Service. This service will prevent your details from being made available when someone searches the WHOIS database for your domain name. The WHOIS Privacy Service is a chargeable service & for a small annual fee you can hide your details.

How can I update my contact details for my .net domain name?

If your contact details change & you need to modfy any details for your .net domain name then this can be done via the Pickaweb Domain Managament Area

How do I update the DNS settings for my domain?

Updating your DNS Settings is easy & free. We have prepared some instructions to help you understand how to change DNS settings.

What happens when my .net domain name is due for renewal?

We will send you several domain renewal reminders by email on 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, 10 days, 5 days before expiry & on the expiry date. We include full instructions in the email to help you renew your .net domain via the Pickaweb Client Area & you just need to login to complete the domain name renewal. We have prepared full details on how to renew domain names here.

How can I find out who owns a .net domain name?

You can identify the ownership of a .net domain name by using the WHOIS lookup service.

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