What are .org.uk domain names?

Originally .org.uk domain names were intended to help UK based charities or other not for profit organizations to identify themselves. However, over time this rule has been relaxed & now just about anyone can register a .org.uk domain.

Who can register a .org.uk domain name?

Nowadays anyone can register a .org.uk domain name & they are issued to the first person/organization that registers them.

As long as the domain name that you register does not infringe someone else’s copyright or trademark then you can register one. If you are not sure we recommend that you seek the appropriate legal advice.

How much do .org.uk domain names cost?

For pricing details see our domain name registration services.

How long can .org.uk domain names be registered for?

You can register a.org.uk domain name for between 1 to 10 years into the future.

Is a Certificate of Ownership issued for for my .org.uk domain name?

No, there is no certificate. Everything is done online. You can check that you are listed as the domain’s owner by searching the Whois on the Nominet website.

Can I register a .org.uk domain name for more than 10 years?

Unfortunately not. The maximum period that you can register your .org.uk domain name for is up to 10 years into the future.

How are .org.uk domain names renewed?

We will send you renewal reminders before your .org.uk domain expires. These are sent to the billing contact in our system. The domain renewal emails are sent 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, 10 days, 5 days before expiry & on the expiry date.

The email will include a link to the Pickaweb Billing Area where you can login to request your domain renewal.

You can find full details on how to renew your domain name here.

Can my .org.uk domains be set to auto-renew?

At any time you can login & change your domain settings so that it will auto-renew on the expiry date. You can manage this via your Pickaweb Client Area. As long as the payment details on record are valid & kept up to date then the renewal will be applied.

What happens if I let my .org.uk domain expire?

If you let your .org.uk domain expire for any reason then you still get another 30 days to renew your domain. All you need to do is to login to your Pickaweb Client Area to do this. If there are any problems, just contact our friendly support team & we will check everything for you.

Who is responsible for the administration of .org.uk domain names?

Nominet is the UK Registry & they issue & administer all .org.uk domains. Their website is https://www.nominet.uk/ Normally all contact regarding your domain name is via a Registrra such as Pickaweb because Nominet does not usually deal directly with the public, except to deal with things like domain name ownership disputes (see below).

I have heard of an IPS Tag - what does this mean?

In order to become an authorised Nominet Registrar a company needs to be assigned an IPS Tag. This helps Nominet to identify which Registrar is responsible for administering which domain name.

What is the IPS Tag for Pickaweb?

Our IPS Tag is PICKAWEB (please be sure to use all capitals).

What is the process for transferring a .org.uk domain name?

.org.uk domain transfers are free. We have prepared step by step instructions for transferring .org.uk domain names here.

If there is a dispute over the ownership of a .org.uk domain name, what happens - how is this resolved?

If there is a dispute over the ownership of a domain name then Nominet has a Dispute Resolution Service (DRS).

How can I tell who owns a .org.uk domain name?

In order to see who owns a .org.uk domain name just do a WHOIS search on the Nominet site.

Can I prevent people from seeing my details from the WHOIS?

If you are an individual & you register your .org.uk domain on that basis then yes, you can use the free Whois privacy service provided by Nominet.

However, this service is only available for individuals. It is not for companies. If you are not sure, just ask & we can check for you & advise.

Can I update the contact details for my domain name?

You can update the contact details for your .org.uk domain at any time by logging into your Pickaweb Domain Managament Area

Can I update my Nameservers?

Yes, updating your nameservers is easy & free. We have prepared some info to help you understand how to update nameservers.

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