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Listen to an Overview of Transferring a UK Domain Name


If you have a UK domain (eg:,,, .uk) then just follow these simple instructions:

  • Place a Free domain transfer request
  • Request your current domain registrar to change the domain’s IPS TAG to PICKAWEB (all capitals). If you have a domain name management area with your current registrar then you can sometimes make this change yourself, but if not just ask them & they will change the domain’s IPS Tag for you.
  • Let us know when this has been done by email & we will monitor the transfer for you & let you know when it has completed

Remember, UK domain name transfers are free. When the transfer completes the expiry date will remain the same.

How To Transfer A Top Level Domain (like .com, .net, .org, etc.) To Pickaweb

Listen to an Overview of Transferring a Top Level Domain Name


With US domain names the transfer process requires that you pay for the transfer (cost is the same as a one year registration) & when the transfer is complete one year will be added to the domain’s registration period.

All you need to do is to follow these steps:

  • Before ordering your transfer you will need a code from your current registrar. This code is called an EPP code or AUTH code & it is just a short security code that you will need. You can request your current domain registrar to provide this for you. If you have a domain name management area with your current registrar then you can usually login & access this code at any time.
  • You must also unlock your domain name. Again, if you have a domain name management area then you can usually unlock the domain name there. If not, just ask your current registrar to unlock your domain.
  • Once you have the EPP code you can order your .com transfer at the following link
  • Once you have completed your order our system will send you an automatic email requesting you to confirm the domain transfer. This email is sent to the domain’s administrative email contact. If you are not sure just ask & we’ll double check for you.
  • Once you receive that email, just confirm that you wish to transfer the domain by clicking on the link in the email & following the instructions. Just drop us an email once you have completed the transfer & we will keep an eye on everything for you.

How to Transfer Your Existing Domain Names to Pickaweb

How to Transfer a .com, .net, .org type domain

How to Transfer a UK domain name




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