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Listen to an Overview of the WHOIS Privacy Service


When you register your domain name your ownership details will be displayed on the publicly available whois database. This means that anyone can search on your domain name & they will see the ownership details that you entered when registering your domain name.

You can prevent this by using a WHOIS Privacy service.

Domain Privacy for UK Domain Names is FREE!!

With UK domain names as long as you are registering your domain name as an individual & not as a business or organization then you can choose to have your details not show on WHOIS searches.

You can select the free UK Domain Name WHOIS Privacy when ordering your domain names.

If you haven’t set this when you bought your domain name then don’t worry, just contact us & we will make the change for you.

Domain Privacy for TLD Domain Names (eg. .com, .net, .org)

With TLD domain names you can order a WHOIS Privacy Service regardless of whether you are a business or an individual. There is a small annual fee for activating it though. View Pricing.

As with UK domain names, you can activate the WHOIS Privacy Service for your domain after you have purchased your domain name.

This service will improve your protection against email spam, identity theft and to prevent your details falling into the wrong hands.

Unprotected WHOIS information

Organization Name: Peter Jones LTD
First Name: Peter
Last Name: Jones
Address: 15 Church Rd
City: London
State: London
Zip Code: SL1 5GH
Country: UK
Phone: +44.0207456325
Email: [email protected]

After with Pickaweb´s WHOIS Service

Organization Name: Whois Proof Service
First Name: Whois
Last Name: Pickaweb Limited
Address : Monomark House 27 Old Gloucester Street
City: London
State: London
Zip Code: WC2N 3XX
Country: UK
Phone: +44.8452866844
Email: Pickaweb Privacy Service

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