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What is an IPS Tag?

An IPS tag only applies to UK Domain names, such as and
The tag stands for (Internet Provider Security) and it is used to identify the company responsible for the UK domain.

If you wish to change domain providers you would need to change the IPS Tag.

The IPS Tag change has to be made through your current domain registration provider. If you are unable to contact your current provider any longer you can contact Nominet. which is the UK organization that issues UK domain names to make the change for you. The IPS tag change can take 24-48 hours to take effect. Transfer your domain to Pickaweb. It is absolutely FREE. Thereafter you renew at £6.99/ year

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Domain Price List

Domain Price £6.99 £6.99
.com £15.99
.org £15.99
.net £15.99
.info £15.99
.biz £20.99
.eu £15.99
.mobi £13.99

Transfer your UK Domain Names to Pickaweb for FREE

Transfer your UK domain names to Pickaweb for FREE and benefit from our great value domain pricing.
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