You’ll get a 500 internal server error because of the below reasons.

1. Permission error for the page or particular folder.
2. Ownership error for the page or particular folder.

Here, there are less possibilities for the second one. As the files and folders are created by the user, it will be under the ownership of user.

You can clear out the 500 internal server error from your end by editing the file’s or folder’s permission from cPanel. Steps you have to follow to edit the permission are given below.

1. Log in to Cpanel.
2. Click on File manager under Files.
3. Select the web root.
4. Go to the particular file that shows the error while accessing.
5. Select the file and click on the particular link under “Perms” column.
6. Edit the permission and save.

[**Please remember that all the folders should have the permission 755 and all the files should have the permission 644. Eg: If you are getting the error while accessing the link http://yourdomain/test/index.php ,then you need to edit the permission for the file index.php in the folder ‘test’ under your domain.]

If you are still not able to access the link and is still throwing the error, please contact Technical Support.

We hope you have found this technote useful on how to fix the 500 Internal Server error.

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