Webmail provides web interface for accessing email accounts associated with your domain name.

You can access webmail by going to https://domain.tld/webmail (if the domain is pointing to our server) or https://hostname/webmail (if your website is hosted elsewhere and you are only using our mail service). You can also access webmail with port eg: https://pickawebtest.co.uk:2096

You may also access webmail via cPanel >> Mail >> Email Accounts >> More option on the right of the corresponding email account >> Access Webmail


Enter the email address and password when prompted. This will ask you to choose a default webmail application.


Select an application with which you can access emails.

You may click on ‘Set as Default’ to make it the default application for accessing emails.

Once you are in, you can see mailboxes for incoming mails and compose option to send mails.

If you need any further clarification, just contact our 24/7 ever reliable support team via LiveChat or Email.

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