Plesk provides various options to manage databases under the account.

Here are the steps to take backup of the databases –

1. Log in to the Plesk Control Panel.
2. Click on ‘Home’. It will list the domains under your account. Now, click on the domain name under which the database exists.
3. You will get a set of options. From the options specified on the page, please select the option ‘Databases’. You will find this option under ‘Services’.
4. Select the database for which you need to take the backup.
5. Once you select the database, you will have an option ‘Back Up Now’. Click on it.
6. Here you will be asked to enter the backup file name.
7. After you enter the required name for the backup file and the click OK, you will have an option to download the backup file to your local computer.
8. Now, you may even restore the backup of the database from Plesk. For this, go to Home >> Domain_name >> Databases >>
Database_Name. This is where you had the option ‘Back Up Now’. This option was to take the backup. To restore the database from the backup, you need to check ‘Database Backup Repository’ to confirm whether the database  backup is available. On clicking ‘Database Backup Repository’, you will find the backups present for the database.
9. To restore a backup, you need to check the checkbox corresponding to the backup and click on the option ‘Restore Selected’.
10. You also have an option to upload a backup from your local computer and then restore it. You will find the option ‘Upload Backup File’ in the page where the backup for the databases is listed as mentioned above.

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