Are you looking for a network or DNS tool? I have put together a list of the best Network and DNS applications that you can use.


eToolz includes some of the most important network tools like NS-Lookup, Ping, TraceRoute and Whois.


Fing is a popular tool that allows users to see at alll of the devices that are connected to their network. It is totally free. There are no adverts.

Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is a great free tool that shows all network devices, gives you access to shared folders, and can also remotely switch computers off.

Spice Works

Easy to use tool that allows you to manage your IT systems. This tool helps you understand exactly what is happening on your network. allows you to monitor critical devices, troubleshoot issues, and rescue users.

DNS Crypt

DNS Crypt helps rasises awareness of the issue of DNS Privacy; It allows users to take advantage of DNS Privacy tools and resources (client applications, DNSPrivacy resolvers);

DNS Benchmark

DNS Benchmark is a free tool that allows you to Test Your ISP’s DNS Server Performance.


Firesheep is a popular Firefox extension that demonstrates HTTP session hijacking attacks.


Colasoft is a popular tool that provides you with a network analyzer, network sniffer and retrospective network analysis solution for network monitoring, network troubleshooting, network traffic monitor and network analysis.


NetSetMan is a network settings manager software which can easily switch between your preconfigured profiles

Did you find this list of network and DNS tools useful? Have you used any other tools?

If so please recommend below.

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