Looking for the best SSH clients for Linux? Check the following list of popular SSH tools that you can use. (See also our Linux Hosting)


PuTTY is a popular SSH and telnet client. PuTTY is an open source software that is available with source code,

It is developed and supported by volunteers.


Private Shell

Another popular tool. Its Autoconfiguration wizard allows you to setup basic and advanced SSH sessions.

It is an easy tool for beginners as you can you can easily establish SSH connections that use public key authentication and provide ssh tunneling for third-party applications (such as MySQL, CVS, VNC, e-mail clients and other software).



MobaXterm is a great tool. You will be able to run the Unix commands you need:

You can launch remote sessions. You can choose to create SSH, Telnet, Rlogin, RDP, VNC, XDMCP, FTP, SFTP or Serial sessions.



ZOC is a professional ssh client and terminal emulator. You can easily connect via secure shell, telnet, serial cable and other methods.



LogMeTT is an extension of Tera Term, which is a popular freeware, open-source terminal emulator for Windows. Tera Term has also a built-in Macro scripting language that allows you to automate tons of different tasks.



The GNOME Terminal package comes with a terminal emulator for the GNOME Desktop.

The NetworkManager Applet provides a tool and a panel applet used to configure wired and wireless network connections through GUI.

It’s designed for use with any desktop environment that uses GTK+ like Xfce and LXDE.



mRemoteNG is a fork of mRemote: an open source, tabbed, multi-protocol, remote connections manager. mRemoteNG adds bug fixes and new features to mRemote.

I hope you have found this list of popular SSH tools useful.

Have you tried any others? Please share with us below.

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