How to reset a cPanel password in WHM

In case if you have To reset cPanel password using WHM: Login to WHM. Navigate to List Accounts under Account Information section. Find the cPanel account using cPanel username or domain name using Search option. Click on ‘+’ icon on the left of the cPanel account. In the Change Password box, enter the new password […]

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What is white label hosting

What Is White Label Web Hosting? Explained

What is White Label Hosting? White label hosting is a non branded hosting. This service is ideal for companies that wish to resell hosting to their customers under their own brand. Eg: web designers, web developers, accountants, company formation, business solutions etc. There will be no mention of Pickaweb. The white label option is available […]

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WHM - Web Host Manager

What Is WHM? Explained

WHM is a server management interface from cPanel. We offer it on our reseller plans, virtual servers and dedicated hosting. WHM offers two levels of server administration: Reseller Rights Full Server Management Rights With the Reseller settings the server administrator can restrict rights and offer a subset of features depending on the level of service […]

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What’s The Difference Between Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting?

The main difference between Shared and Reseller Hosting is the level of control and administration that you get with a Reseller plan Main Features Of Shared Plan A Shared solution is ideal for one person or business who needs web space to run their personal or business website. They get access to a web hosting control panel (cPanel) […]

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Virtual servers vs reseller hosting

What Is The Difference Between A Virtual Server And A Reseller Plan?

Whilst there are several key differences between a Reseller plan and a VPS  it’s easy to understand why there is confusion between the two so we shall look to clarify the differences to help you better decide if it is appropriate for your needs. Reseller plans are intended for any web designer, web developer or other web professional who […]

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Reseller hosting explained

What Is Reseller Hosting? Explained

What is Reseller Hosting? OK, so maybe you’re a web designer or a developer and you already have some clients. Or maybe you’re a tech graduate and you’re looking to get into an industry with huge potential. Whatever your situation, if you’re thinking of setting up a web hosting business or add hosting services as […]

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cPanel Overview

Understanding cPanel for Shared and Reseller Accounts The cPanel interface provides user level access to the clients with which they can manage the resource allocated to that particular cPanel account. Global settings or server side settings can’t be modified or edited with cPanel interface. It would require WHM (admin or root level access). Sometimes people […]

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WHM – Reseller Guide (Basic Administration)

How to Perform Basic WHM Reseller Administration Tasks As an introduction to this guide, you’ll have to familiarise the access levels offered by cPanel/WHM servers to manage a reseller hosting account. It offers three levels of Control Panel access. WHM – Root or Administrative level access. cPanel – User level access. Reseller WHM – Reseller level […]

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How To Brand cPanel For Your Users

How to Set up Branded Index Page With a cPanel reseller plan you can customise the branding of the client hosting control panel. Within your reseller admin control panel, WHM you get the option to change the branding You can set up custom default index pages (with or without reseller company name in it) for […]

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How To Limit Bandwidth Usage In WHM

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to limit bandwidth usage in WHM. Every hosting account that you create for your customers comes along with an allotted bandwidth, which refers to the quantity of information transferred to and from your server. S ince different types of content require different bandwidth quota, you can set the […]

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