How To Generate An SSL Certificate Signing Request (CSR) In cPanel

In order to install an SSL certificate you will first need to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) See: What is an SSL Certificate? Explained How to generate a CSR from cPanel Go to cPanel >> Security >> SSL/TLS >> Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) Click on the link Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests. Fill in […]

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SSL certificate explained

What is an SSL certificate?

In basic terms an SSL Certificate allows you to create a secure connection between your website and the browser of someone visiting your website. This ensures that an data passed between the browser and the website is encrypted and secure from third parties (i.e. hackers). See: What is an SSL Certificate? Explained The most common use […]

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SSL Renewing Steps

1. Login to (login details are available in CDB) 2. Click on the option “SSL Certificate Management” >> “Order History & Certificate Renewals” on the left hand side. 3. Enter the Common name for which the SSL is to be renewed in the field “Common Name:” 4. Click on the latest available Certificate order […]

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