How to host a blog on your servers

Can I host blogs on your servers?

Yes you can. You can host blogs on all hosting plans that include MySQL databases. You can host your blog on all shared hosting plans except from the budget hosting plan. You can also create a blog on a reseller plan, VPS or a dedicated server. The hosting option you choose will depend on your […]

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Create a page in WordPress

How To Create A Page In WordPress

You may already have heard about creating posts in WordPress. But do you know how to create a page in WordPress? Pages are different from posts, as far as WordPress is concerned. When you want to create static content, WordPress allows you to create pages. A WordPress site may have pages like About, Why Us, […]

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WordPress Themes explained

What Is A WordPress Theme?

If you’re planning to start a new WordPress site, you may have heard the word ‘themes’. A Theme is basically a ready made template that can easily be imported into your WordPress admin area so that you can use it straight away. See: What is WordPress? Explained Why Should You Consider A WordPress Theme? When you […]

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Wordpress widgets

How To Use WordPress Widgets on Your Blog

In this post I will show you how to use WordPress widgets. Apart from ready-to-use plugins, WordPress also allows you to use widgets. See: What is WordPress? Explained A widget is a small block which is developed to carry out a particular function. Usually, widgets (those that WordPress features by default) can be added to […]

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How to use WordPress Media Library

How To Use The WordPress Media Library

 Every image or video or audio file that you upload via the dashboard of your WordPress site is stored in the Media Library. The Media Library provides you with a number of options for effectively managing and modifying media files. Here’s what you need to know After logging in to WordPress, you can go to […]

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Custom Menu in WordPress

How To Create A Custom Menu In Your WordPress Blog

In this post I will explain how you can create a custom menu for your WordPress blog. If you want your site to have a navigation menu, you can use the ‘Menus’ feature in WordPress. Though a WordPress theme that you use may offer some default menus, the built-in Menu editor allows you to create […]

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Categories vs Tags in WordPress

Difference Between Categories And Tags In WordPress

When using WordPress, it’s important to understand what categories and tags are for and how they are different from each other. There are a number of questions surrounding these taxonomies. Once you have created a post, you can assign categories and tags to the same. Therefore, you should always understand how to use each of […]

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How to fix: WordPress Error White Text And Missing Buttons In Visual Editor

WordPress Error: White Text And Missing Buttons In Visual Editor

One of the most common errors when working with WordPress is white text and missing buttons in the visual editor. You may even face an issue where it doesn’t allow you to switch from visual to HTML version of a post on your WordPress site. You can fix it easily. Here’s what you need to do 1. […]

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Differences between and vs.

You can start a site with rather or But which one should you choose and why? This is a question that most beginners ask. In this post we’ll look at both options to help you make a well-informed decision. What’s The Difference Between And Both the platforms – and – […]

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Learn how to crop images in WordPress

How To Crop Large Images In WordPress

Large images aren’t always required, and they also use more space. When using WordPress, you can upload the original images and then crop them as per your requirements. Though WordPress is not a photo editing tool like Photoshop, it does provide you with some basic options so that you can resize or crop images before making […]

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