Each file and folder has three basic permission types: Read, Write and Execute.

If the files and folders of your website are not set correctly, your website might not work as expected.

So you need to change the file and folder permissions correctly.

Default file and folder permissions in a cPanel server are 644 and 755 respectively.

This can be done easily via permissions option in cPanel >> Files >> File  Manager. One other alternative is to change the file permissions using FileZilla.

  • Login to your account with FileZilla.
  • Navigate to directory which contains the file or folder of which the permission is to be changed.
  • Select the file/folder and right click on it.
  • Click on File Permisions.


  • Check the tick boxes for appropriate permissions or you may give the numerical value directly.


Just click OK and you are done. This is as simple as it can get!

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