Some of the applications/themes/plugins/modules would require a certain PHP parameters or values for it to work. In our Shared servers, we have CloudLinux + CageFS + PHP Selector configuration implemented.

This will allow each shared account customer to select their own PHP versions and also modify PHP parameters like ‘memory_limit‘ etc.

If you select a PHP version via cPanel, it will be the PHP version for all the websites hosted in your account (if you are hosting multiple websites in a single cPanel account).

By default your account will be assigned with native PHP version which is the main PHP version of the server which varies in our shared servers.

To change PHP Version of your account

  • Go to cPanel >> Software >> Select PHP Version


  • Click on the drop down next to PHP version, choose the required PHP version and click on ‘Set as current‘.

This will set the chosen PHP version as the PHP version of you account.

To Install PHP extension

  • Once the PHP version is set, you can see the list og available PHP extensions/modules. Just tick the check box and click on ‘Save’


To modify PHP values or parameters

For any PHP version other that the ‘Native PHP‘  version, you can modify the PHP values or paramenters.

  • Go to cPanel >> Software >> Select PHP Version >> Switch to PHP Options


  • Click on the PHP value you want to change as shown in the above picture.
  • Click ‘Apply‘ and ‘Save

For any questions regarding this, contact our ever reliable 24/7 support team via LiveChat or Email.


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