Cloud Resource Limits

In shared hosting, the most common reason for downtime is a single account slowing down other accounts on the server. The CloudLinux OS protects you by limiting the maximum amount of resources that a single cPanel account can consume. This ensures there are always enough resources to keep every website running fast.

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Related Error Codes

500 Internal Server Error – If you see an 500 error appear randomly, this is because our system is limiting you for exceeding your memory limit. You will have the ability to optimize your site to prevent this error from occurring by using caching plugins, optimizing code, etc. Note: This error code is also common when incorrect permissions or file types are uploaded to the server.  However, you can check yourself by looking at the Resource Statistics in your control panel to see if you’re hitting your limit.

You can find “Resource Usage” icon on main cPanel page. Once entered, the menu will show a statement mentioning if sites ever reached resource limits set for clients’ accounts. To see details, please click on “Details”. You will see diagrams and tables showing very detailed statistics of resource usage.

503 Error – You will see this error when your account has exceeded the maximum number of concurrent connections allowed to your account. This will self manage it self as your connections fluctuate.

In our shared server we cannot increase the CPU and Virtual memory resource limit. A resource usage spike once in a while is something you can ignore and it should not cause any major issue to your website.

I am hitting a limit! How can I reduce my resource usage?

1. You can try disabling plugins, disabling any special features, and/or repairing your database(s).

2. You can look into optimizing your script(s). Your script developers should be able to assist with this.

With our experience, we found that most of the resource usage issues are due to badly coded scripts & plugins. Third party themes & plugins often causes high resource usages.

All processes running as the user contribute to the total resource usage, not just PHP scripts. This is an important point to take away, not only should you look for PHP scripts which will tend to be the primary cause of issues, but you should also look at the total amount of processes being run as a user.

In short, resource usage of a well coded error free website will be comparably low. It has nothing to do with the traffic to the site. A website need not be very busy or even live to become a resource hog.

You can always upgrade to our VPS plan, where there won’t be any such limits set to your account.

Check out the details of our various VPS plans.

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