Sitelock and how to configure itSiteLock is like an Anti-Virus solution for websites. You wouldn’t dream of browsing the web without an antivirus would you? Why is that? Simply because when you are browsing the web you are aware that there are threats out there that can be delivered to your computer.

And where do these threats reside? As well as in spam emails, you’ve guessed it; insecure, compromised websites.

That’s why it’s important to secure your website from hackers.

They are always looking for insecure websites to upload their malware. Once it’s uploaded they can then launch it for whatever purpose they have in mind.

If your site gets hacked then your online reputation will suffer. That could mean all or any of the following:

  • Your emails can’t get through because you have been blacklisted
  • Your Website is suspended
  • Google de-lists your website from its rankings

To avoid this you need to protect your website and SiteLock is the best way to do this.

SiteLock is a security product which finds, fixes and prevents malware infections in the code of your website. This product acts as a safety net around your website which protects your websites from any kind of infections. Since the vulnerabilities are never ending and new ones are popping up almost everyday, SiteLock is a highly recommended security product to make sure you keep your website protected.

You can purchase SiteLock here.

Below are instructions for setting up and configuring SiteLock after purchase.

How to access SiteLock Dashboard

  1. Login to your Pickaweb Client Area.
  2. Select My Services from Services drop down.
  3. Click on the SiteLock Product (Find or Find & Fix or Find, Fix & Prevent).
  4. Click on Manage Services button.

This will take you to the SiteLock Dashboard where you can configure and manage the product.

Domain Verification

If you have registered the domain with us, domain will be verified automatically. You’ll need to verify the domain if your domain registrar is not PICKAWEB. To verify the domain, login to SiteLock dashboard and click on the domain verification icon. Follow the two steps mentioned in that page for verifying the domain.


There are 5 types of scans:

  1. Malware Scan
  2. Application Scan
  3. Spam Scan
  4. SQL Injection Scan
  5. SSL Scan
  6. Smart Scan

Click on the corresponding icon to start a scan. But for Smart scan you need to configure FTP details. You need to specify the hostname or IP address, FTP username and password (Default FTP username and password is same as that of cPanel username and password). Once FTP is configured, it will run and execute successfully on every single click in that icon. All the other scans doesn’t require FTP configuration this and will execute in a single click.

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