The video tutorial shows you how to configure custom ports in Outlook 2010.

While configuring different types of email accounts (POP or IMAP), you can customize the server port numbers according to your specific requirements. Once you’ve launched Outlook 2010, you can achieve this task in a couple of simple steps.

Here’s how you can change server ports –

1. Click the File tab.
2. Click the Account Settings button.
3. Click Account Settings.
4. Highlight the account for which you want to configure ports.
5. Then click the Change link above.
6. Click the More Settings button.
7. Go to the Advanced tab.
8. Now, configure (i.e. change) server port numbers as required.
9. Choose SSL for incoming server to update port numbers automatically.
10. Choose SSL for outgoing server to update port numbers automatically.
11. Enter the new outgoing server port number.
12. Click the OK button.
13. Click the Next button.
14. Click the Finish button to complete customization.

That’s how you can change or customize the server ports in Outlook 2010 within a couple of minutes.

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