Do you want to configure an email account in MAC OS? Given below are the steps that you’ll need to abide by to get this task done without any kind of hassle.

1. Open Mail.
2. Click Add Account from the File menu.
3. Fill in the Full Name, Email address(full email address), and Password fields.
4. Uncheck “Automatically set up account” if it is enabled and click Continue to proceed.
5. Select a proper Account Type. For example:POP
6. Provide the required details like Email address , Incoming mail server, user name, password and so on.

Example Account Information setting:

Description : Test account
Email address : [email protected]
Fullname : Test
Incoming mail server :
Username : [email protected]
Password : *********

7. Outgoing mail server settings: You can edit the Outgoing Mail Server by clicking the “Server Settings” option.

For example:

Outgoing Mail Server :
Server port : 25

Click Continue to proceed.

8. Special Mailboxes: Settings for Junk, Trash and Sent folders can be done according to your preference.
9. Advanced section: Select the following options to make the email account live.

9.1. Enable this account
9.2. Include this account when automatically checking for new mail
9.3. Remove copy from server after retrieving a message.

[This option will delete the message from the server once you have downloaded the messages to your local machine. You can set according to your preference.]

10. Click “OK” to complete the process.

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