Plesk provides user friendly GUI for easy management of your web hosting account.

This tutorial deals with how multiple websites can be hosted with Plesk by adding Addon domain, Subdomains and Parked domains.

Just to brief this up, Addons are used to host multiple websites in a same hosting account. Subdomains are usually used to configure sister websites or blogs or forums in a website. The Parked option is used to show the same contents of another website in the hosting account by sharing the data directory.

Create an Addon

Login to your Plesk with the credentials provided by your web hosting provider.


By default you’ll be taken to the Websites & Domains page. Click on the Add New Domain button.


Specify the name of the Addon that you want to add in your web hosting account in this page. Just below that you can see DNS settings. There you can select from the options whether you want to use local DNS server or external DNS.

Just below this you can see the options, Hosting Type and Hosting Settings.


You can select the check box for choosing the plan that you require

Website Hosting – To host the website on this server.

Forwarding – To redirect the HTTP connections to this website to another website.

No Hosting – This is used for Emailing purposes or just to create zone file for DNS management.

If you go back you can see the newly created domain there.


Create Subdomain

Click on the Add New Subdomain button.


You just have to enter the name of the subdomain and its Document Root (location where the website data is present). Click Ok button.

Create Parked domain

Click on Add New Domain Alias button.


You just need to specify the domain name alias and the existng domain name for which alias is created.


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