Custom error page is a custom page designed by the user that should be displayed instead of the default error pages. You can easily create and enable a custom error page for your website.

Follow these steps to get it done –

1. Log in to cPanel.
2. Click on ‘Error pages’ under Advanced.
3. Select the error for which you want to add custom error page.
Eg: 404 notfound => (error displayed when trying to access a file which doesnot exists).
4. In the window, add the comment which you want to be displayed instead of the default page for 404 error.
5. Click on ‘Save’ to save the settings.

You can check whether your custom error page is working or not as well. For the 404 error, please begin with the steps given below.

1. In your browser, enter http://domain/dsjfkjjjsfuh.html
[Eg: (‘dsjfkjjjsfuh.html’ should be a non existing file).]
2. Click enter to load the page.

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