Gmail Email Filters ExplainedIn this video tutorial, we explain to you how to create email filters in Gmail.

One of the most valuable features that Gmail offers is email filters. Using these filters, you can handle incoming emails effectively. Once you’ve created the required filters, you can label or direct email messages according to your specific needs. If you haven’t used email filters in Gmail yet, you should learn using them now.

Here’s how to create and manage email filters –

1. Click the ‘Create a filter’ link next to the search bar. The criteria available while creating a filter is similar to those you saw while performing an advanced search for messages in Gmail. Using the ‘From’ field allows you to filter all the messages sent by a specific person. To achieve this, you can enter the name or the email address of that person.

2. Let’s enter the word Demo in the ‘From’ field and click the Test Search button to examine using your existing email. You can see that the conversation from this person has appeared. Next, click the Next Step button to move on to the next step. Now, you need to select specific actions from the list. Gmail will perform the chosen actions when it comes across an email message that matches the filter you have set.

The actions you can choose from include –

Skip the inbox
Mark as read
Star it
Apply the label (drop-down available)
Forward it to (text box available for entering email)
Delete it
Never send it to spam

It should be kept in mind that the actions will be performed in the same order as they appear in the list.

3. For example, let’s choose ‘Star it’ as the action and also ‘Apply the label’ action with the chosen label as Personal. Select one more option – Never send it to spam. You can also apply this filter to those conversations that exist already in your Gmail inbox. To achieve this, you should select this checkbox – Also apply filter to 1 conversation below. Finally, click the Create Filter button to accomplish the task. As you are taken to the Filter tab page, you’ll see that you can also edit or delete an email filter.

4. Go back to the Gmail inbox to find out one more way of creating email filters. Open a conversation. Now, click the down arrow next to a specific email message in that conversation. Click this – Filter messages like this. In the box that appears, you’ll notice that the ‘From’ field is already filled up with the email address of the message sender. Complete creating a filter in the same way as you did before.

That’s how you can create different types of email filters and manage them in your Gmail inbox.

We hope you have found this technote useful on how to create a filter in Gmail.

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