Watch this video on how you can create hosting packages in WHM.

This tutorial is for customers on the reseller hosting plan.

If you have a reseller hosting plan you can create your own web hosting plans. You can specify the features for each of your plans eg: storage space, bandwidth, emails, parked domains etc.

Follow these steps to create web hosting packages  –

1. Log in to your WHM.
2. Click on the Packages icon.
3. On the next page, click on the Add a Package sub-icon.
4. Enter a one-word name – Silver.
5. Enter the Disk Quota and Monthly Bandwidth.
6. Enter the number of Max Parked Domains and Max Addon Domains.
7. Enter a maximum hourly limit for emails.
8. Enter the maximum percentage of failed (or deferred) messages a domain can send in an hour.
9. Select appropriate options from – Dedicated IP, Shell Access, CGI Access, etc.
10. Choose the appropriate cPanel theme, Feature List from the drop-down menus.
11. Click the Add button.

You’ve successfully created a hosting package.

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