Create a page in WordPressYou may already have heard about creating posts in WordPress. But do you know how to create a page in WordPress?

Pages are different from posts, as far as WordPress is concerned. When you want to create static content, WordPress allows you to create pages. A WordPress site may have pages like About, Why Us, Testimonials, Contact etc.

Here’s how you can create a page in WordPress

1. After you have logged in to your WordPress dashboard, locate the ‘Pages’ menu in the left navigation and then click the Add New function to create a new page on your site.

2. On the next page, enter the title of the page. If your permalink is already well-structured, the same title that you have given to the page will become the URL slug. Since the URL structure is important from the user’s point of view, it should look neat and clean.

3. Now, it’s time to add some content. If it’s the ‘About’ page of your site, you can write about your company or organization.

4. On the right hand side, you’ll find the ‘Publish’ section. It’s the same as you see while creating a post. Depending on what you exactly need, you can either choose to publish the page immediately or schedule it to go live at a later date and time automatically. If you don’t want to do any of these, you can simply save the page as draft for now.

5. Just below the Publish section, you’ll see the ‘Page Attributes’ section. In this section, you can choose whether you want to apply a parent page and template to the page you’re creating. If you want, you can create this new page in a way that other pages fall under it. You can create as many levels (hierarchies) of pages as possible.

6. If you’re using a WordPress theme which offers custom templates for pages, you’ll be able to use the Template section to choose a specific layout for the new page that you’re creating.

7. You’ll also find an Order box. All the pages that you create on your WordPress site are ordered in an alphabetical manner, by default. If you want to order these pages in a different way, you can use this order option by entering a number in the field.

8. Once you’ve done with all of the above, it’s finally time to take a look at how you page will look online. Use the ‘Preview’ button in the Publish section to preview the page. If everything looks in order, hit the Publish button to make your page go live.

That’s how you can add a new page to your WordPress site.

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