You can create a “hit counter” to your website, which tells you how many times your site has been viewed. You can also display the current time or date on your website. From the CGI Center, click the Counter link.

1. Under Please select functionality, select Counter, Clock, or Date.
2. The next 2 items (Please select time zone and TimeFormat) only affect the clock function. If you are creating a counter please skip to step 4. For a date display, skip to step 3. If you are creating a clock,

* Choose the appropriate time zone. For example, if you want your website to display Eastern Standard Time (U.S.), then select GMT-0500.

* Under Please select Format, next to TimeFormat, choose a 12-hour or 24-hour clock. (For example, 1:00 PM in 12-hour format is the same as 13:00 in 24-hour format.)

3. Under Please select Format, next to Date Format, select the way you want the date to appear.

4. Under Please select Format , you will need to enter the thickness of the frame that will appear around your counter. To do this, enter a number into the box, or click the “+” or “-” signs to increase or decrease the frame’s thickness. (You will be able to preview and adjust
this later.)

5. Under Please select Frame Color, enter the values for the frame’s color. To make this easier, cPanel provides a graphic tool for choosing a color. You can use this tool by clicking the multicolored box.

6. Choose the color you wish to use, then click X in the upper right corner of the color selector.

7. If you are creating a hit counter, under Please select Maximum digits, choose the number of digits that will appear in your counter. If you are creating a clock or date display, skip to the next step.

8. Under Please Select Style, click the See Styles link to view the 33 different types of displays available. Then enter the letter or number of the style you want. Please note that not all styles will work with the clock or date display.

9. Under Counter Name, enter the name you want cPanel to use to save the counter, clock, or date display on the web server.

10. The Color Replacer will find and replace all instances of one color with another. This is helpful if, for example, you want to replace the colors of the numbers in the display.

* To enter a color to be replaced, click the multicolored box next to Source Color and choose the color you wish to replace.

* Then click the multicolored box next to Replacement Color and choose the color you wish to change it to.
11. To view the counter, clock, or date display before it goes onto your website, click the preview button. You may preview the display as many times as you need to. Once it looks acceptable, click html.

12. cPanel will show the HTML code that creates the counter, clock, or date. Simply copy the text beginning with <img src= and ending with > and paste it into the web page where you want the counter to appear.

* If, after you have created the display, you want to change its name, simply enter the new name in the Counter Name box
and click Commit Changes.

* To reset the count, enter a number in the New Count box, and click Commit Changes.

[Note: Clicking Clock directly from the CGI Center will display a different screen; this is simply another method to create a clock for your site.]

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