After you have installed the theme and everything else has been set up, it’s time to add custom CSS to create exactly the kind of look for your site that you want.

But sometimes an issue is faced when the changes that you make to the CSS or stylesheets of your site don’t reflect or don’t do anything.

In case your CSS style changes are not taking effect, there are a number of things that you can do to find out why it’s happening and then fix it.

Here’s what you should do –

1. Many times, the issue arises when you have caching plugins being used on your WordPress site. Actually, these plugins (for example, W3 Total Cache) begin to cache the CSS due to which any changes that you make to your site’s CSS don’t take any effect. If you have any such plugin, you should disable the same and then make the changes.

2. You may also encounter this issue when making the changes through the WordPress editor: Appearance>>Editor. Whether or not the CSS changes will be saved actually depends on the kind of server permissions you have. In this case, you’ll need to change the file permissions.

3. Are you making the CSS style changes via the WordPress Customizer? If yes, you may forget to click the Save button everytime you add or modify the CSS of your site. Unless you don’t save the changes, you’ll never be able to see the changes taking effect.

4. If you’re simply endeavouring to change the background of your WordPress site via the WordPress background dashboard and it’s not taking effect, you should quickly check out whether your installed theme already has an image set in the background. Try by uploading a new image or a 1px solid colour and use the repeat attribute.

That’s how you can fix the problem if your CSS style changes don’t reflect after refreshing the site pages.

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