This address will receive any mail sent to an invalid email address for the current domain. The default address is also commonly called a “catch-all address”.

Path : cPanel > Mails > Default Address

It is possible to define how the default address handles the incoming messages.

1. Set the domain name in the field :- Send all unrouted email for:
2. If we want to discard all the invalid mails (ie, mails having invalid address), choose the following option.

> Discard with error to sender — and then enter an error message for the sender to read.

3. If we want to get all the messages(whether it is valid or invalid) , then choose the following option. There we can add an email address to which mails need to be forward.

> Forward to email address — Enter the address in the text box. You do not need to type “@” and the domain name.

4. If we want to get all the messages to the default mail account, then move to advanced options and choose.

> Forward to your system account “cpanelusername”.

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