The main difference between Shared and Reseller Hosting is the level of control and administration that you get with a Reseller plan

Main Features Of Shared Plan

A Shared solution is ideal for one person or business who needs web space to run their personal or business website.

They get access to a web hosting control panel (cPanel) where they can perform all of the necessary administration and management tasks required to run a website effectively.

For example they can set up and manage email accounts, access their Website Builder, create an SSL Certificate, setup MySQL databases or perform a backup of their website files.

It is also possible with a shared plan to host more than one website.

For example if someone wanted to have two distinct, separate websites with different content then this can be achieved using an Addon Domain.

The advantage of this is that costs can be reduced. However, this approach reaches its limits if the extra website is for another person and they need to administer the websites for any reason such as setting up emails, editing settings, etc..

This is where a reseller option has an advantage because it offers an additional layer of administration and management.

Main Features of Reseller Option

A reseller solution is ideal for customers who either need to manage multiple websites for themselves or for web professionals who are selling hosting services to their clients.

In these cases a reseller plan is a better choice because it provides a master administration area called Web Host Manager or WHM for short.

With WHM the Reseller effectively becomes a hosting company and has all of the main features required to serve their customers with effective hosting services.

They can create web hosting plans and allocate key resources such as disk space, bandwidth, addon domains, parked domains and plenty more besides.

Each time they create a new account for their customers, each one has their own cPanel login. This is a really important point because that means that each customer can self manage without asking for assistance to make small changes such as setting up email addresses or changing passwords.

Each cPanel account is completely separate so a customer will never be able to see a list of the other customers on that reseller account.

The Reseller also has additional ongoing control so that they can perform important administration tasks such as suspending hosting accounts or terminating them.


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