Here is a look at the different cases or scenarios for MX set up –

Mail Exchange (MX) records are DNS settings associated with your mail accounts. MX records direct email to servers for a domain. Multiple MX records can be defined for a domain, each with a different priority where the lowest number is the highest priority. If mail can’t be delivered using the first priority record, the second priority record is used, and so on.

You determine which servers get tried first by assigning priorities, using values like 10, 20, 30, and so on. The lowest value gets highest priority. For instance, if the domain has two MX records—10 and 20—mail is delivered first to 10 because it has the lowest number priority. If that server is down, mail is redirected to :20, and so on. If different MX records have the same priority, one server is chosen arbitrarily.

The moment you host your domain with us, we’ll have the MX entries set up for you by default. Your domain and emails will be hosted on our servers in this case. However, there are a couple of cases where the default setting will have to be modified. This KB explains those scenarios in detail.

Case 1 – You want to host your domain with us, but would like to have your emails handled by an external service provider.

This is one scenario where you’ll have to replace the existing default MX records with the new ones. You’ll have to obtain the new MX records from your email service provider and update the same via cPanel.

[Find out how you set up MX records.]

Case 2 – You have your domain hosted elsewhere, but you prefer Pickaweb to host your email service.

This is something you can definitely set up from within your cPanel. However, you need to ensure that your package/plan supports addon domains to have this set up. Except for the ‘Budget’ one, all our web-hosting plans support addon domains.

[Know more about our web hosting plans.]

Here is what you need to do to host the email account of the remotely hosted domain in our Pickaweb servers.

1. Add the domain that’s hosted elsewhere as an addon domain within your cPanel.
2. Create all your email accounts in cPanel.
3. Once this is done, contact your hosting provider and ask them to set up the following resource (both the A and MX) records for your domain in their nameservers.


Replace TYPE_YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME_HERE with your domain name and SERVER_IP_ADDRESS_OF_PICKAWEB with the IP address of the Pickaweb server on which you created your addon domain. This DNS change would incur a propagation delay (the same way every DNS change would), after which, emails to this domain will be delivered to the email addresses set up in your Pickaweb server.

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