Reseller hosting plans explainedYes, Pickaweb offers a great reseller hosting platform.

A reseller plan is ideal for anyone looking to resell web hosting services to their customers.

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Hosting is a great value added service you can offer your customers.

How does a reseller hosting service work?

When you order a reseller package you get web hosting space and bandwidth which you can then resell on to your customers.

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You are given reseller tools which enable you to simplify the whole process.

You get a WHM control panel, where you create your own hosting packages with the features of your choice.

Your customers get their own cPanel control panel, which is a world leading hosting control panel tool. It allows them to manage their hosting control panel without having to contact you for simple tasks such as eg; creating an email account, creating an ftp account etc.

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Who supports me and my customers if I need any help?

If you need any help with your reseller plan you can contact us anytime 24×7.

If one of your customers has an issue with any aspect of their hosting account eg; they need to create an email account, subdomain etc they would need to contact you for support.

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