To check the domain’s Ip address functionality, nameserver settings, MX record settings, SQA and all other DNS zone settings follow the steps below.

In Windows

Select Start –> Programs –> Accessories –> Command Prompt.
Enter the word nslookup, followed by a space, then the domain name.
[eg. nslookup domainname]

In Linux

Take a shell and type
dig +trace domainname

In Mac

Open Finder, Applications, Utilities.
Launch the Terminal Application.
Type ‘dig +trace yourdomain’ and press enter.

This will show the default DNS settings for the domain. If you need to query for MX record or SQA record or TXT record, just add the record in between the command and domain name.

[Eg: nslookup MX domainname (in windows)]
[Eg: dig +trace MX domainname (in Linux)]
[Eg:dig +trace MX domainname (in Mac)]

Also, visit this link to know further details about the DNS settings of your domain.

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