Edit your personal details in GmailWatch this video tutorial to know how you can edit your personal information in Gmail.

Gmail offers easy options to edit your personal information. Whether you want to change the name, the reply-to email address, account password, password recovery options or other personal details, you can achieve it all within minutes from your Gmail inbox Settings section.

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The steps you’ll need to follow include –

  1. Log in to your Gmail inbox.
  2. Click the Settings link in the top right corner.
  3. Go to the Accounts and Import tab.
  4. Click the Edit info link against the Send email as option.
  5. If required, specify a different name.
  6. If required, specify a different reply-to email address.
  7. Click the Save Changes button.
  8. Scroll down, and click the Google Account Settings link.
  9. If required, change your account password and password recovery options.
  10. Click the Edit your personal info link.
  11. Edit personal information as required.
  12. Scroll down, and add an additional email address.
  13. Finally, click the Save button.
  14. Click the Back link to go back to the Settings page.

That’s how you can edit your personal information in Gmail, according to your specific requirements.


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