On the Pickaweb shared hosting we have limited the hourly email limit per domain to 200/hour.

This means that if you are hosting multiple domains in your shared or reseller account, the number of emails each of these domains can send in an hour is 200. So if you receive a bounce back email saying that the you’ve past the hourly email limit. In that case, you need to wait until the next hour to send further emails.

One other limit we have imposed is that we have restricted the number of POP connections from an IP to 50 in an hour. If the limit reaches 50, no further connections will be established as the limit is in place. For establishing further connections, you need to wait until the next hour as well.

Number of email addresses allowed in a mailing list has been limited to 2000 addresses. If you want to create a mailing list with more that 2000 addresses, you may consider our VPS or Dedicated Server plan.

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