cPanel comes equipped with an application that is capable of managing a rotation schedule for your banner advertisements. This is useful if you would like your visitors to see different logos or advertisements each time they access your site. To begin, click the Entropy Banners link in the CGI Center.

Configure Rotating Banners

To set up rotating banners, you must first add banners:

1. Click the Add Banners button.
2. Click Choose File and select the image you would like to add from your computer. [ You can repeat this process for each banner you would like to add and can choose up to 12 images at a time.]
3. If you want to replace existing banners, click the checkbox next to Overwrite existing files. [ This will replace older ads with newer ones, as long as they have the same filename.]
4. Click Upload.

* cPanel will tell you whether the upload was successful.

[Note: The file must end in .shtm or .shtml in order to work on your web page.]

Control a Banner’s Schedule

cPanel also makes it easy to control how often a certain banner ad will display.

To control the banners’ display schedule:

1. From the Entropy Banners screen, click Modify Rotation.
2. Select High, Medium, or Low priority for each banner, depending on how often you want it to appear on your site.
3. Click Save to store your changes.
4. Beside Linked to, enter the web address where the visitor will go when he clicks the banner.
5. Click Save.

[Note: If you would like to delete the banner, click Delete.]

Add Rotating Banners to a Page

To create rotating banners on a page:

* On the main Entropy Banners page, copy the text that begins with <!–#include virtual and ends with –> and paste it into the web page’s HTML file.

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