Rvsitebuilder is a tool where you can build your site and publish it.

This is an option which is integrated with the cpanel of the domain.

When you are trying to publish you may receive an error as;

Error function of publish task
:makeFolders cannot create directory. current directory is not
permitted./home/user/public_html/SOME PATH.


>> You may be able to
have it publish properly after removing everything inside your
public_html. There may be a file that RVSitebuilder does not like in
there stopping it from properly uploading the images.

>> You can empty your public_html folder with a simple trick. Use
any ftp client software and RENAME it to public_html_old. Then create a
new folder named public_html. By this you will save your old files
present in public_html (just for safety). >> Note that doing the
above could mess up the permissions on your folder. The public_html
should be owned by user:nobody and chmod’d to 755. If you create a
folder and it’s owned by user:user then you are essentially creating a
security hole.

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