Export Gmail ContactsIn this video tutorial, we’ll show you how to export contacts from Gmail.

In the same way that you can import mail and contacts from other email accounts into Gmail, you can also export contacts from Gmail. While exporting, you can do it in multiple formats (Google CSV, Outlook CSV, vCard) as per your specific requirements. In addition, you can choose to export all contacts or only certain groups of contacts. You can accomplish this task within minutes quite easily from within your Gmail inbox.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow –

1. Log in to your Gmail inbox.
2. Go to Contacts.
3. Click the Export link as shown in the video.
4. Choose who you want to export.
5. Select a particular format.
6. Click the Export button.
7. Click the OK button to save file as a download box appears.

That’s how you can export your contacts from Gmail. Once exported, you can import the data into any mail client of your choice.

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