Wordpress themes: Free and Premium explainedA WordPress theme allows you to change the look of your blog easily in just a few clicks.

There are 2 types of WordPress themes: free and premium.

Here we explain the main differences and advantages for each option.

Free WordPress Themes

WordPress has its own directory of free themes. There are thousands of themes that you can download for free.

When you choose to use a free theme, you don’t lack community support either. Though you’ll not get any personalized support, the active WordPress community is able enough to provide answers to any issue you may face.

The WP Codex and the official WordPress forums are great places not just to find solutions but also expand your knowledge.

If you plan to give your site a unique look, using a free theme may not be your best option because they are very common. On the other hand, a free WordPress theme may or may not receive regular upgrades depending on the author who developed it.

Sites using free theme may run the risk of compromising the security of your site. Therefore, it’s not recommended to download and use just any free WordPress theme that you find via a search on Google. Before you choose to use one, you should take a closer look at who developed it and whether the author is trustworthy.

Premium WordPress Themes

Premium themes are also widely available. There are various third-party service provides that offer a wide range of themes at fee.

The biggest advantage with premium themes is that you get is personalized support.

Premium themes get regular upgrades and as a result they are more secure and safe when used on a site.

Most of premium themes offer a great level of ease when it comes to customizing them to suit your requirements. Whether it’s about adding various design elements or content areas, a premium theme makes it easier to do it all in just a few clicks.

If you want a design that’s different from most other websites in your niche and that sets you apart, you should go for a premium theme. With a couple of customization, you can create a really unique look for your site.

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